In a nutshell

Clocktimizer helps law firms to unlock the full value of their timetracking data including the narratives. Clocktimizer’s insights enable law firms to improve their pricing, to control budget and scope and to increase customer satisfaction with full transparency on fees.
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Our solutions to your problems

Too many partner hours?

Monitor and manage staffing on each project task real time. Fix the leverage while working on the matter, not when trying to bill it.

Do you know who’s doing what?

We help you encourage financial discipline. Improve quality of time-recording and increase transparency of your fees.

Couldn’t keep the work in-scope?

With our thorough analysis of your matter and our budget monitor, you can identify out-of-scope work on the fly and stay in control.

Sending fee quotes feels like gambling?

Comparing similar matters, we provide you with all information you need to make data-driven decisions about your pricing.


Fee Quote Generator

Compare projects to find the costs of each element.

Narrative Checker

Make sure that your data is of high quality and fully transparent.

Budget Monitor

Keep track of your scope and budget and be able to manage it.

Fee Updates

Be transparent to your clients on the fees of each project.

Social Analysis

Find the key lawyers for each client within your firm.

Custom Reports

Build any report you want without programming.

Always Available

On your mobile or tablet, we’re always at your fingertips.


We ensure the confidentiality and the security of your data.




Our motto: Don’t Guess

The human brain is wired to forget the pain and losses suffered in the past. That makes gut-feeling a bad business advisor. We help our customers to make data driven decisions. That’s why we say: Don’t Guess. Everything we build is designed to adhere to this central idea.

Our Team

  • pieter
    Pieter van der Hoeven


    Pieter is responsible for the day-to-day business of Clocktimizer. Pieter worked as M&A lawyer for DLA Piper between 2007 and 2013. In 2013 Pieter did an MBA at the Rotterdam School of Management and IE Business School in Madrid.

  • bram
    Bram Fokke


    Bram is responsible for Clocktimizer’s software development. Bram is a talented software engineer with over 15 years of experience. He won the Dutch Programming Championship and the Benelux Algorithm Programming Championship for businesses.
  • sofie
    Sofie Andersen


    Sofie is our front-end developer and user interaction hero and responsible for keeping Clocktimizer as easy-to-use as possible.
  • jeroen
    Jeroen Winkel


    With over 17 years of experience in IT and as the former head of ICT, Facilities and Knowledge Centre of one of the largest law firms in The Netherlands Jeroen helps our customers discover the full potential of our technology and helps them implement it within their organizations.