Data-driven decision making for lawyers, by lawyers.

We remember the first time we had to put together a fee quote. It was, truth be told, a stab in the dark and it’s an experience we hear repeated by lawyers the world over. However, it inspired us to build Clocktimizer, a business intelligence tool with a mission to provide legal professionals with the information they need at their fingertips. From building a fee quote, to managing a project, to firm wide analytics, our platform understands what lawyers need to know, and delivers it.

The pricing information you need

Whether you are General Counsel or a Partner, you need to have granular financial insights before you embark on a project.  Our unique AI uses natural language processing of your (or your lawyer’s) time tracking narratives to provide insights about profitability, scope and pricing.


Firmwide analytics

We often hear about the importance of data in business, but what does that mean for lawyers? Our data driven insights are designed to let General Counsel or Partners identify efficiencies within practice groups or even areas which deserve prioritisation. More importantly, all of this information is available in real time, in one place.

Spend less time justifying your hard work

There’s always someone looking at the bottom line, be it a client going over a bill, or a CFO approving expenses. We remember the pain of justifying costs without having the right information to show all the hard work you have done. Our system’s transparency means no more surprises for your clients, so you can do the work instead of justifying it.

Who uses Clocktimizer?

Boutique law firms

For solo and boutique firms we offer a cloud based solution in different plans, starting at $39. See which solutions we can offer your firm.
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Big law firms

We offer both cloud and on-premise solutions for larger law firms, depending on their financial systems.
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Inhouse legal

We offer a cloud based solution for in-house legal teams, that helps your team keep control over its projects
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