On the 3rd November 2017, as part of our Women in Legal Tech event, we gave introductory coding classes. Bram Fokke, our CTO, ran the session. Bram taught a bit about the history of the different coding languages, before letting us get coding. Because of the success of the event, we are providing a follow on from this session. If you are a complete beginner, or if you want to improve, here’s how to get coding.

Which language is the best one to learn?

Like spoken languages, there are many different coding languages available to learn. First, work out what sort of thing you would like to be able to code. Is it a web application? Well then a web language is probably for you. Think HTML and CSS, and throw in Java and PHP if you want to make it interactive. Are you looking to make an app? Well then Objective-C for iOS apps, or Java for Android would be the way to go.

There are a multitude of different software languages. Ruby, C, Python, Perl to name a few.  Our advice is to have a look at your options and experiment. Each developer has their own preference based on differing factors. Try this handy quiz as a starting point.

Where can I learn?

There are, generally speaking, two options here. Those of you that prefer trial and error have all the tools they need to teach themselves. All you really need is somewhere to test your code, and a source of information about coding. In our session Bram focused on coding in Python. To do this yourself, simply head to this web address and try a few of the following exercises. If you get stuck then Stack Overflow is a great resource for anyone learning to code. We have also included a handy Python cheat sheet at the end of this blog for the more advanced coders.

Alternatively, you can get lessons. We have already covered some great places to learn free online in a previous blog. As we previously mentioned sites like Udactiy and Coursera offer good coding options. In addition, Codeacademy is a free learning tool which requires no downloads or installs. If you want to specifically build a website, the Code School or Treehouse may be the best option for you.

Do I need anything else to get started?

Absolutely not. The best thing about learning to code are the sheer number of resources available to you. Learning to code doesn’t have to cost you a single cent. Better still, Clocktimizer will be offering even more coding information in our event wrap up. If you want to receive this wrap up then head here and let us know.

Clocktimizer would love to hear about your coding success stories so get in touch and let us know how you have experienced coding!