In the first week of July, Clocktimizer will be running a campaign titled ‘problems not solutions’. Don’t worry – there’s method to our madness. So why are we focusing problems? Odd as the title may seem, we hear many lawyers (rightly) complaining that legal tech often fails to actually solve the problems they purport to.

[It] is necessary is to talk to lawyers and understand how the practice of law actually works today. Not how you hope it works after you bring your “disruptive” product to market, but how it works on the ground today. Better yet, understand the WHY. Jon Tobin

So what’s causing this? Well, there seem to be multiple factors. It could be a lack of market research. It could be that the product is simply trying too hard to fit in a cool new tech trend (without seeing if it really helps). The only real way to find out, is to start talking to lawyers. So that’s what we’re going to do!

Hey lawyers – what’s your problem?

We’ve spent a lot of time talking to lawyers at Clocktimizer. In fact, one of our founders, Pieter, used to be a lawyer. It’s why we’re sure that Clocktimizer solves the problems lawyers face when scoping and managing matters. But (apparently) there’s more to life than matter management. So what are the other problems lawyers are facing?

We’ll be holding a poll on Twitter in the coming weeks and we’d love to hear your views. If you work in legal services then let us know the problems you are facing. Do you want to automate meetings with clients that you haven’t heard from in months? Do you wish there was a tool that could automate building contract templates? Tweet at us or drop us an email and let us know what you think is ripe for automation. Or better yet, where you think legal tech is currently not pulling its weight.

So, how can we help?

Once we’ve gathered up the problems, it’s time for the tough bit. The solutions. For a week we’ll be sharing content designed to address what actual problems lawyers are experiencing. For those who aren’t really sure what their priorities should be we’ll also provide some fun quizzes to offer guidance. Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing use cases with a number of our own clients breaking down the specific ways Clocktimizer solves their matter management headaches. Finally, based on the answers we gather about lawyer’s problems, we’ll be pairing them with legal tech providers. So, tune in to Twitter to listen to those vendors offer solutions in 280 characters or less. Which has the added benefit of ensuring as little nonsense as possible. Hurrah for short pitches!