As many of you will already be aware, Clocktimizer has been running a campaign for the last few weeks. We have been looking for ways to help law firms become futureproof. Thus far, we have shared infographics, interviews and videos with the practical steps needed to face the coming challenges. However, this week we have taken a slightly more light hearted approach. After all, innovation shouldn’t always be doom and gloom.

On Monday we shared our first quiz titled ‘Are you futureproof?’ As well as being tongue-in-cheek, it was designed to give a futureproof profile. These profiles offer insight into the roadblocks each lawyer is facing on their way to being futureproof. As a result, this week’s blog will be breaking down each personality type, and offering practical steps for change.

The Boy Scout

Summary: Congratulations! You fall into an elite category of lawyer who not only knows what they’d like to be able to do with all their firm’s data, but then go out and do it.  We imagine you probably have a cape in your drawer somewhere.  

Diagnosis: Clearly you have the right metrics, you know what’s important to your clients (not to mention how to quantify that without spending all day poring over an Excel spreadsheet).  We’d highly recommend you look at some of the more sophisticated tools available to you. Our recent blog post detailing the three key priorities for improving client relationships has tips that can help. For those already using, or considering using Clocktimizer, analytics can provide a level of granularity needed to get the edge on the competition. Book a demo with us to hear more about the possibilities of historically tailored business development or team dynamic metrics.

The spirit is willing but the data is weak

Summary: Like Sisyphus and the boulder, you seem to be spending rather a lot of time pushing metaphorical rocks up hills when you are fairly sure could be done better by someone else. Mentally you’re ready for the future, but it’s the infrastructure that’s letting you down.

Diagnosis: We know how it goes.  You start with such high aspirations.  Data is going to change the way your firm works and push you ahead of the competition.  Unfortunately the reality is a lot of late nights spent crouching over a spreadsheet mumbling curses at Daniel’s ‘miscellaneous contract work’ which has pushed your project over budget once again. Well fear not.  We’d recommend you sign up for our webinar next week.  We have brought together specialists from CMS, Hogan Lovells, Perkins Coie and DLA Piper to talk about practical ways to drive innovation. Sign up is free. Simply follow this link to register and finally get the tools you need for innovation.

I don’t plan, so much as react very quickly…

Summary: You like to live in the moment, which is a pretty good strategy whilst things are predictable, especially if there’s a wine trolley still making the rounds on Fridays. But it’s impossible to be #futureproof if your idea of forward planning is booking a table at Nobu a few days in advance.

Diagnosis: We admit that up until recently it’s been pretty ‘business as usual’ within legal services. There’s not a great deal of difference between what you did when you graduated and now. Plus, let’s face it, organisation is such a hassle.  Last time you went through an efficiency phase it took accounts three weeks to send you the budget information you asked for. Well, thankfully Clocktimizer is here to help. It can be difficult to know where to start reading up on legal tech. We recommend you start by reading our ‘guide to staying up to date with the legal tech revolution’. After that we have a handy infographic of the essential tech you should already be using. Better still, book a demo with us at Clocktimizer and find out how to take the hassle out of practice management.

Future what?

Summary: Most often heard regaling the interns with tales of how things were back in your day, you fall into our final category of those completely unprepared for the future.

Diagnosis: We’re fairly sure you view the future with the same misguided optimism as the dodo. But fear not! Unlike the poor dodo, we at Clocktimizer are here to ensure you don’t become extinct. Data shouldn’t be something you view as the enemy (or as something that sends you to sleep).  We’d advise you to have a look at how our AI can make your life easier without any talk of robots.  We’ve designed it to keep you up to date with projects, budgets and clients without overwhelming you with information. It should keep you and your firm safe from marauding explorers (or budget surprises) for years to come.