It’s conference season in the legal world. Hot off the heels of P3 in Chicago is 5P in London. We’re excited to be sponsoring this event after working together with Briefing during their Transformation conference last year. 5P covers all things Profits, Pricing, Pitching, Products and Process. Everything that we love to support in Clocktimizer. So, in light of the excellent program Briefing has put together, we wanted to share what we’re most excited about. We look forward to seeing you all on the 4th July in London!

Data deep dives

Its clearly the year of Machine Learning and data at 5P. We’re pretty excited about that, having recently launched our new Machine Learning engine, the Data Labs. Followers of the excellent Briefing magazine will have already seen the interview with Stephen Allen of Hogan Lovells. In it Stephen explained how Clocktimizer’s AI is supporting deeper industry analysis at the firm. We’re looking forward to sharing more about this, and about our Machine Learning work with other firms at the event. Make sure you join us in the Blue Room at 11.30am to listen to us and Nicoline Evers of DLA Piper discuss more.

However, we aren’t the only AI special on the roster. Shamus Rae, Head of Innovation at KPMG will be looking at the importance of collaboration and data. We couldn’t agree more that the legal industry needs to open up its data silos to get the most benefit from AI. We’re looking forward to hearing what the potential benefits of this approach could be. Better yet, Stephen Allen and Adam Soames will also be discussing how data driven insights strengthen client relationships later in the day. Clearly, data is going to be front and center at this year’s event.

Collaboration fun

One of our favourite things about Briefing conferences is how interactive they are. This year’s 5P is going to be no exception. The afternoon will be dedicated to building your own solutions, with a little help from each other and legal tech experts. This a fun way to check whether your expectations match reality. Namely, having thought up a use case, can technology currently deliver a solution? If not, what’s blocking it and how can you overcome that problem?

We’re also looking forward to this session as a provider of legal tech. It’s a great opportunity to hear from lawyers themselves what problems they still need solving, and how they think that solution could work. It’s definitely fuel for improving our own platform. Better yet, everyone gets a chance to pitch their idea to the room later on. So maybe you’ll invent the next big thing in legal tech. We’re all ears!

Why LPM is king

The final session to keep an eye on is about the realities of legal service delivery and the simple benefits of LPM. It’s a topic close to our heart, and one we’ve been covering in our blog series. We believe LPM at scale would improve service delivery, but also offers a whole host of other benefits like profitability and R&D. Keep an eye out on our blog for the final installment in our LPM series (we’ll be releasing it as an e-book). We’re looking forward to hearing more on this topic on the day!