Introducing a new piece of technology can be a headache. How much of your resources will it require? How much time will you have to invest? Will it work immediately? At Clocktimizer, we know that our customers are very busy people. After all, that’s why they need tools like ours! So we’ve worked hard over the last few years to make our roll-outs as low impact and streamlined as possible. Whether you want it to work on-premise, or in the cloud.

In reality, no two clients are the same. Be it big or small differences, we leverage on more than 10 years worth of combined experience and a set of principles to deliver our solution with consistent results across leading law firms in Europe, North America and South Africa. We work with five leading principles to ensure working with Clocktimizer is as painless as possible.

Business comes first

No one should have to spend hours trying to get software up and running. Particularly when those hours could be better spent doing your own work. We focus on a holistic planning approach. This means our roll-outs require minimal-to-no interruptions for your firm’s day to day activities. We assign a customer success and a roll-out manager to each client to ensure they have someone on hand at all times to manage the process.

Streamline processes

It shouldn’t take a genius to understand or implement Clocktimizer. We focus on streamlining as much as possible to minimise the complexity of our product. It means our clients can expect to have Clocktimizer up and running in five weeks. Training up your firm to use Clocktimizer takes an additional seven weeks. All told it takes approximately three months to get Clocktimizer completely up and running on-premise. If only all roll-outs could be this simple!

Vanilla is the best flavour

While this is clearly not the case for ice-cream, we do think it makes the most sense for our customers. Highly complex, unique solutions often sound like a great idea at first. However, years later you’re still trying to get those unique complex features to work, and the product still isn’t up and running properly. At Clocktimizer we focus on doing less, in the best possible way. We offer tools which work for all law firms, regardless of size or focus. Our budget, fee comparison, business insight and matter insight tools are all focused and honed to be the best-of-breed. So rather than designing each roll-out for each client, we offer one streamlined process that works for everyone.

Better yet, if you do want a solution completely tailored to your firm, we offer Machine Learning. This sits on top of our Clocktimizer product, so won’t affect your roll-out speed.

Tools for better integration

As many of our customers know, we’re based in the Netherlands. But that shouldn’t make our roll-outs any more difficult. We use a combination of tools to streamline communication and to help manage the roll-out process. Troubleshooting is easy with our screen sharing software. Sharing documents in an organised way is done through shared folders with instructions tailored to each client. We also offer a full wiki in our customer portal if you have a question, or just want to read up on Clocktimizer in your own time.

Clocktimizer also offers integrations with existing tools. Are you using HighQ? Once Clocktimizer is up and running, share reports directly in a HighQ portal and keep your clients up to date in one click.

To cloud, or not to cloud?

Cloud or on-premise? Both options have their pros and cons. Deciding between them can be difficult. At Clocktimizer, we work with you to determine you current and future business needs before determining which solution is the best fit for you. It means you get a solution which is both robust and scalable to your growth.

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