Summer, it seems, is here. Or at least, we in the Netherlands are enjoying an unusually long bout of sunshine. (Our commiserations to those less fortunate weather-wise). As a reflection of this, our blog this week has a lighthearted theme. So, grab a drink, and preferably a place on a terrace somewhere, and enjoy. Here are some of the silliest laws still in existence.

You can’t be drunk in a pub in England

illegal to be drunk in a pubYes. Under the 1872 Licencing Act there is a penalty for “every person found drunk” in a licensed premises. Better still, the 1839 Policing Act forbids landlords from permitting drunkenness. Everyone in England, of course, ensures these laws are unfailingly followed. Its probably why we all come and get drunk in Europe so much.

It’s illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in Samoa

We’re not sure how this works if the husband nearly forgot but his wife reminded him last minute. Would they then need to be charged with intent to forget? Clearly, however, we finally have a punishment adequate for this heinous crime.

Its illegal to jump the queue in the London Underground

TfL rules queue jumpingTechnically, queue jumping is illegal under Transport for London bylaws. So fear not, Londoners. No longer do you need to loudly ‘tut’ when someone rudely pushes past you and the very obvious line. Now you can forcefully detain them in the name of TfL. If only we could all get over our social anxiety long enough to carry this one out…

You may not cycle recklessly in Mexico

Mexico has banned reckless cycling. Or at least lifting your feet from the pedals in the belief that you may lose control of your bike. All visitors to Amsterdam will be well aware that this precludes the entire Dutch nation from taking a cycling tour in Mexico’s direction.

You must keep your chickens under control in Quitman, Georgia

laws on chickens
Now this isn’t technically the oddest law in existence. It makes sense to ensure we don’t have roving bands of lawless chickens performing highway robberies for bags of grain. However, we wanted to include this law for one reason. Because if someone asks you why the chicken crossed the road in Georgia, you can proudly announce that they didn’t. Because it’s illegal.

No farting after 6pm on Thursday in Florida

We can only imagine what prolific gas must have led to the enactment of this law. In light of the vast number of old people’s homes in Florida we also feel it highly unlikely to be effectively policed.


We have hugely enjoyed giggling our way through this blog. Fierce debate has raged through the office about which one is the funniest. As such we welcome submissions to perhaps add to a part two (and to continue the office mirth!)