A lot of exciting developments are going on right now in (legal) tech: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and of course our favourite: Flying Cars. However, assessing the impact of these technologies can be daunting. Gartner uses the Hype Cycle. When new technologies emerge, expectations tend to increase to unrealistic levels until they hit the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. At Clocktimizer, we believe this is where Blockchain is right now. At some point, businesses will learn to separate fact from fiction and expectations drop to what Gartner calls the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’. Once actual implementations gain traction, expectations will normalise to the ‘Plateau of Productivity’.

To hyping bloggers, the innovations on the ‘Plateau of Productivity’ might sound like old news. But since Clocktimizer was founded by a lawyer and a programmer, we believe this is where the true magic happens. We use proven technology to make the everyday lives of lawyers better. We are more than happy to leave the hype to the gurus, evangelists and visionaries out there.

The Cloud – more than hype

One of these proven technologies is the Cloud. Every computer program needs a computer to run on. Desktop applications run on your computer, apps run on your mobile phone and web applications run on servers. A server is a specialised computer that is always on to serve your web requests. Historically, these servers have been maintained by law firms themselves. By moving to the cloud, the servers are maintained by a third party.

Historically, law firms have been reluctant to move their applications to the cloud. Yet, there are compelling reasons to do so:

  • Specialisation: As any lawyer will tell you, contracting can be complex. There is not a lawyer in the world who would advise their clients to write their own contracts. Server maintenance is no less complex, but law firms are still insisting on doing this in-house. DLA Piper is one of the largest law firms in the world. They employ really smart people yet they fell victim to the Petya cyber attack.
  • Economies of scale: Cloud vendors like Amazon and Microsoft provide services to millions of users. Their resources dwarf those of even the largest law firms. Cloud vendors can provide much better quality at a lower price.
  • Security: All cloud vendors realise that security is the #1 concern for their clients. That’s why they spend so much effort on security. According to research, more than half of all successful cyber attacks (including Petya) could have been prevented by simply keeping applications up to date. Cloud vendors take care of this automatically. They can also offer additional security features like encryption at rest and dynamic intrusion detection. Usually, functionality like this is enabled by default at no additional cost.

Cloud or on-premise?

Choosing between cloud and on-premise depends on a lot of factors. At Clocktimizer, we almost exclusively use cloud based tooling. This way we can focus on what’s important: Helping lawyers solve everyday problems by delivering the best time tracking analytics software in the world. Of course, Clocktimizer is available as SaaS on Microsoft Azure. But if you believe the cloud is not (yet) right for you, we also offer an on-premise solution.