Innovation. There aren’t many who would argue that innovation, done correctly, is a bad thing. Innovation can improve the way we work. It can reduce costs or environmental impact. However, we in the legal industry often remain skeptical of the word. We’ve all been to far too many innovation awards. We’ve heard that the ‘next big thing’ is going to create a ‘seismic shift’ in the profession. Only to find out later that the seismic shift probably wouldn’t register on the legal tech Richter scale. So how, as a firm, can you ensure that your innovation succeeds? Well, much of it may come down to understanding need, and then measuring it. And that’s where Clocktimizer comes in.

Measure first, implement second

Every firm is different. Let’s start with that preface. As such, each firm will have it’s own idea of what is, or isn’t, a good innovation. Some firms may want innovations which reduce time spent on specific activities. Some will want budgets to be managed more efficiently. But almost all innovation in a firm will need to be targeted. If you want to reduce time spent on due diligence, you only need to focus on people who currently perform due diligence. If you want to manage projects more effectively, you will need to introduce changes which support project managers. Rarely will an innovation be rolled out to an entire firm. In fact, if your firm currently operates this way, step back and ask yourself why? Is this necessary?

For many, the reason projects are rolled out wholesale is because data is so hard to come by. How can you be sure you are rolling out to the right members of staff? Better to give the software to everyone and hope for the best, right? Well, by using Clocktimizer, you can identify and roll out innovations with incredible precision. Before we explain how, it’s important to briefly cover the why. Cost is an obvious one. The more targeted your roll out, the less it costs in licences, training and lost work hours. Your alternative is paying a room full of partners to attend a training for an hour, on a product they will never use. Ouch. However, the psychology of innovation is also important to consider. Targeted innovation is likely to be more successful because the use case is clearer. This specific person needs this specific innovation to make them more efficient, to reduce repetitive tasks and improve their work quality. So, employees begin associating innovations with tailored products, rather than wasted hours.

A case study in tailored innovation

So how does this work in practice? Let’s say the wonderful people at Kira have dropped by your firm’s offices. You have been looking for a document review system for a while now. After all, it’s costly and time consuming and no one enjoys it. But having decided to get Kira on board, how do you ensure the right people are using it? Well, that’s where time-card narratives and natural language processing (NLP) come in.

By using Clocktimizer’s NLP to read time-cards, you can work out who is currently doing all the document review. Simply head to the Drilldown function in Clocktimizer and select document review activities, against timekeepers. This will give you a handy doughnut chart (see right) displaying those who spent the most hours on due diligence. Now you know who will benefit the most from Kira. So you can get them engaged, train them up and roll the product out accordingly.

Taking this a step further, Clocktimizer also allows you to measure the success of that implementation. You can now compare time spent in document review before and after you introduced the innovation. You can also better understand who needs help getting to grips with the new tool, and who seems to be doing fine. Simply compare time spent on activities before and after introducing Kira by individual timekeeper. You can even use Clocktimizer to measure the difference Kira has made to your bottom line. Clocktimizer allows you to identify the profitability of a specific activity. So you can see whether Kira has improved your margins in document review.

Test Clocktimizer out on your next innovation

Is your firm considering a new innovation? Do you want to make the process more effective by targeting the implementation? Clocktimizer offers a free sandbox to test your own data (or your next innovation!). Get in touch or set up a demo to discuss this further with us.