Our 5 legal tech women to watch in 2017

Beyonce said it all along: girls run the world. For the first time ever the ABA TECH SHOW 2017 faculty roster had more women than men. Their women of legal tech list is also highly impressive. Well, it’s time we at Clocktimizer joined in. We are proud that our office is 50% female. So we… Read More

What single habit should firms change to meet the challenges of the future?

As many of you may already be aware, we hosted a webinar recently. We assembled a panel of specialists to give lawyers practical tips on meeting the challenges of the future. Next week we will be releasing the full content of the webinar for those unable to attend. However, this week we are sharing some… Read More

Press release: Clocktimizer brings together expert panel to answer lawyers’ burning questions

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In light of recent upheavals a webinar seeks to provide practical steps for the legal sector   17th May, 2017 Deutsche Bank’s decision to no longer pay for junior associate work has set a worrying precedent. It is clear that firms who do not willingly innovate or cut costs will be forced to by their… Read More

Infographic – The best tech for General Counsel in 2017

Throughout the week we have been looking at the technology available to General Counsel to ensure they are futureproof. You can read in detail about the companies listed below and the ways they can make lawyers’ lives easier in our blog, here.  We’ve also put it all this information in a handy infographic, shared below. We’d… Read More

The best technology for General Counsel in 2017 (pt.4)

As part of our series on how to #futureproof your firm, we will be focusing this week on the technology available to General Counsel. On Friday we will be releasing an infographic showing our pick of the best technology to make a lawyers life easier. In the run up to this we’ll be highlighting the… Read More

Futureproof Your Firm: The future is Lawsome

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Over the course of the next six weeks we will be looking at how lawyers can futureproof their firms. We all know that the legal world is evolving.  Clients have more power than ever before. The era of hourly billing has passed. Technology, from the most advanced AI to the next generation of BlackBerrys (who saw… Read More

Client intervention: The foundation for success?

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If you hire a builder to construct your house you will regularly go on site to hear progress, to give updates on your preferences and ensure delays are avoided. It is not simply about wanting to maintain strict control of the project, you want a smooth delivery of the work through constant communication. Imagine a world where… Read More

Smints & AI: All that glitters is not gold

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Last week I spoke with James Northin, head of legal project management at DLA Piper. He mentioned that buying a pack of Smints was almost always an impulse buy. This impulse buy, he went on to explain, draws parallels with today’s competitive legal landscape which seems to demand firms buy tech as though it were… Read More

Here’s why proactively offering AFAs makes your firm more profitable

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The Altman Weil ‘Law Firms in Transition’  is one of the definitive year on year examinations of how firms are facing market challenges. Topics under discussion range from changes to billing structures and attitudes towards change, all the way through to the trends currently affecting a lawyer’s day to day job. Interestingly, the 2016 edition… Read More

Here’s how boutique firms can outmanoeuvre Big Law in 2017

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The perception is often that the legal services market is tougher on small and medium sized firms.  They have smaller budgets, less capital to invest in innovation to stay ahead of the curve and lack the necessary size to meet the needs of big clients.  But in a changing marketplace, perhaps their small size could… Read More