MELTDOWN and SPECTRE: A primer for lawyers

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2018 started with a bang when the Register reported about a design flaw affecting all Intel CPU’s. You might think of The CPU, or Central Processing Unit as the ‘brain’ of the computer. It is a chip executing the millions of executions that make up any program. The design does not just affect Intel CPU’s… Read More

Our pick of the biggest successes (and failures) for legal tech in 2017

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Its been a big year for legal tech. Over the last 12 months a plethora of new solutions have hit the market. We have seen contract analysis tools like Ravn and Kira thrive. Firms have been increasingly successful at storing and analysing their data. A host of new process automation tools have arrived. For those… Read More

5 trends in the Dutch legal market

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There’s a lot of buzz about what’s going on in the legal services industry in the Netherlands. Following the innovations and trends in the legal industry for quite a while, I decided to go ahead and use some tweets from our twitter account (@Clocktimizer) to identify which trends from the US and the UK found… Read More

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