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Legal tech, relatively speaking, is still a fairly young enterprise. It emerged as part of the legal landscape only in the last five years. Prior to that, it was considerably less well known and low on a firm’s list of priorities. However, whilst legal tech has become more widespread, its education hasn’t. We recognise that it… Read More

Smints & AI: All that glitters is not gold

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Last week I spoke with James Northin, head of legal project management at DLA Piper. He mentioned that buying a pack of Smints was almost always an impulse buy. This impulse buy, he went on to explain, draws parallels with today’s competitive legal landscape which seems to demand firms buy tech as though it were… Read More

A guide to staying up-to-date with the legal tech revolution

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As a lawyer, you want to be prepared for every case, client meeting or hearing.  You know where to track down the relevant information you will need – be it the Blue Book or a client’s case file. But in a world where technology is playing an increasing role, it’s difficult to see where to… Read More

Here’s how boutique firms can outmanoeuvre Big Law in 2017

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The perception is often that the legal services market is tougher on small and medium sized firms.  They have smaller budgets, less capital to invest in innovation to stay ahead of the curve and lack the necessary size to meet the needs of big clients.  But in a changing marketplace, perhaps their small size could… Read More

Legaltech: Is the next generation of lawyers ready for it?

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In May this year, I was honoured to be speaking to the next generation of lawyers (the Justitia seminar), gathered in the beautiful Tuschinsky Theater in Amsterdam. We had 300+ first-year lawyers present, with many working in the largest law firms of the Netherlands. I had the pleasure to guide this group through the legaltech… Read More