Here’s why proactively offering AFAs makes your firm more profitable

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The Altman Weil ‘Law Firms in Transition’  is one of the definitive year on year examinations of how firms are facing market challenges. Topics under discussion range from changes to billing structures and attitudes towards change, all the way through to the trends currently affecting a lawyer’s day to day job. Interestingly, the 2016 edition… Read More

The top three fintech trends that will impact lawyers in 2017

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Job Barth, Managing Director of the Dutch office of international trading bank Saxo, recently called for more transparency in the financial industry. “Our competitors are no longer other banks but technology companies focused on creating innovation platforms.” (Saxo) It is an observation not only applicable to the banking world, but one which has been voiced… Read More

Data says no – How to quote for quality not quantity

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We are all aware that the world of legal services is a competitive market.  Clients can choose to be picky nowadays. It is a process of constant innovation to bring on new business, or indeed to leverage on existing client relationships.  Many firms are turning to good marketing strategies, new technology and alternative fee structures… Read More