How can you build a successful AFA?

As many of you may already be aware, we hosted a webinar recently. We assembled specialists from Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper, Perkins Coie and CMS Hasche Sigle. Its aim was to give lawyers practical tips on meeting the challenges of the future. We will also be releasing a series of infographics based on the content of the… Read More

Is Deutsche putting too much pressure on lawyers?

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This week we are exploring the current lawyer/client relationship. In our first installment we explored the drive towards a risk sharing relationship by clients. Clients are demanding changes in fee structures, increasing transparency and increasing efficiency. However, this begs the question. Where is this likely to push the lawyer client relationship in coming years? In… Read More

Are law firms about to experience a Kodak moment?

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There is no denying the change in relationships between lawyers and their clients in recent years.  Every Altman Weil ‘Chief Legal Officer Survey’ since 2011 has found law departments decreasing external spend rather than increasing it. Interestingly, the same survey also noted that 16% of respondents had increased budgets for ‘alternative’ legal service providers. General… Read More

Our five top tips for better practice management

Good practice management is never an exact science.  Client’s wishes, likes and dislikes vary from case to case. The workload can also swing from intensive all-nighters to slow cases which last years. Too often lawyers find themselves unsure of how far work has progressed, or where they are in terms of budget. To help avoid… Read More

Legal history’s five most suspicious time entries

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Throughout our time at Clocktimizer, we’ve seen the hard work lawyers put into their timesheets. There is no denying that all nighters can and do happen, and that lawyers work incredibly hard for their clients. However, not all time entries are as scrupulous as the ones we see on a daily basis.  Here’s our rundown of… Read More

Here’s why proactively offering AFAs makes your firm more profitable

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The Altman Weil ‘Law Firms in Transition’  is one of the definitive year on year examinations of how firms are facing market challenges. Topics under discussion range from changes to billing structures and attitudes towards change, all the way through to the trends currently affecting a lawyer’s day to day job. Interestingly, the 2016 edition… Read More

The top three fintech trends that will impact lawyers in 2017

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Job Barth, Managing Director of the Dutch office of international trading bank Saxo, recently called for more transparency in the financial industry. “Our competitors are no longer other banks but technology companies focused on creating innovation platforms.” (Saxo) It is an observation not only applicable to the banking world, but one which has been voiced… Read More

Think new clients are the key to success? Think again!

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Why keeping existing clients is better than finding new ones Clients.  Businesses spend millions each year on marketing and sales in the hope of luring elusive new clients on board.  Lawyers are no different, with Forbes estimating US firms’ annual marketing spending now tops $890 million.  But is this focus on new clients making a… Read More