Be a lawyer, not an accountant.

Ensure you can deliver value without worrying about budgets

Financial insights to stay in control

We remember the pain of keeping track of budgets.  Balancing external spend with in-house and trying to track down all of those bills. Clocktimizer pulls all of your legal billing information into one place.  Track your external legal spend and even compare pricing between your preferred firms to determine what works best for you. So you can go back to doing your job rather than worrying about the bills.

Know your projects inside and out

In-house legal teams often have to cover an incredibly broad range of work, either on their own or with help from external firms.  But adding more people to the mix means it’s often difficult to work out who is doing what and for how much. With our detailed drill-downs, you get granular insights into the projects each staff member is working on, their progress in terms of budget, and analytics to identify efficiencies or prioritisations.

Analyse trends to benchmark services

Balancing fee quotes from firms is difficult, comparing those to historic quotes and project outcomes? Even harder. We remember the pain of managing the fee quote process so we have made sure our technology can identify work streams within projects and their costs in order to benchmark your service providers and assess their ROI.

Business intelligence, for lawyers

Yearly reviews always seem more impressive with those fantastic infographics and breakdowns to help you show off all your hard work. Business departments have long had innovative programs to help this along but general counsel have been stuck without a good solution.  Clocktimizer produces a range of reports at the click of a button, and can even automate them to be sent direct to your phone.


Budget Monitor
Keep track of your scope and budget and be able to manage it.
Fee Comparison
Compare matters, break them down in activities to find the costs of each building block.
Matter Analysis
Your one page overview of what is going on in a matter.
Custom Reports
Build any report you want without programming or manually copy pasting and combining excel sheets.
Social Graph
Understand who is working with whom within your firm. Find the key lawyers for each client within your firm.
Fee Updates
Be transparent to your clients on the fees of each matter.
UTBMS Codes (US)
We can report and monitor budgets against UTMBS codes, if you use them.
J-Codes (UK)
We can report and monitor budgets against J-Codes, which is legally required for certain matters in the UK.
2-factor Authentication
Use your mobile to boost your access level security.
Multiple Currencies
The use of multiple currencies are supported.
Multiple Languages
Clocktimizer can understand multiple languages.
Multiple Rates
The use of standard rate, contracted rate, billed rate and cost rate are all supported.
Related Matters
If you work with a related matter structure, Clocktimizer supports that.
Related Clients
If you work with a related clients structure, Clocktimizer supports that.
Seniority Levels
Compare seniority levels across matters and between firms to see who is working most efficient.
Transparency Levels
Compare the time recording quality (transparency) of the firm that work for you.
Full Matter Insights
No more fragmented invoice data. One page. One overview of your matter.

Secure & always available

The confidentiality and security of your data is most important to us. That is why our cloud-based solution uses bank-level 256-bit encryption and why our access policy lets you use 2-factor authentication.

You can check the latest status of your matters anywhere on your mobile or tablet. Clocktimizer is always at your fingertips.