Futureproof your firm

Analytics, Pricing and Project Management for Big Law Firms

Meet the next wave of client demand

Nowadays, clients are demanding increasing transparency and efficiency when working with firms, but this is often time consuming and complex to achieve. As lawyers, we know that the worst thing is being unable to answer your clients questions immediately, so we’ve built a dashboard that gives you complete project oversight in one place. Better still, you can generate real time reports for your clients so you no longer have to justify all your hard work.

Capitalise on your data

We know it’s difficult to get real value out of your data as lawyers. Clocktimizer uses natural language processing AI to automatically categorise your time cards on the basis of their narratives. Unlike using fixed action codes, Clocktimizer’s method is flexible and allows you to analyse both historical and current data, leaving you able to generate everything from historically accurate fee quotes to identifying your most profitable practice areas.

Legal Project Management made possible

Matters mainly go over budget because the scope is ill-defined and poorly managed and there is not enough communication on progress. Clocktimizer supports lawyers during the lifecycle of a matter: With pricing (see below), monitoring of the budget, informing the client with fee updates and with analyses to continuously improve your service delivery.

Pricing that works for you

More than 25% of the revenues of many big law firms comes from non-hourly billing. Research shows that where firms are proactive in offering fixed fees to their clients, these arrangements are more profitable than those requested by clients. With Clocktimizer you can compare similar matters, so that you can make data-driven decisions about your pricing and ensure that alternative fee arrangements work for you.

Firmwide analytics that give you the edge

In a world of increasing competition, your data can provide the insights you need to get ahead. Clocktimizer’s firmwide analytics can help you with targeting tasks and activities that are not profitable or have a low recovery. Alternatively, identify key players in your own team using our team dynamic metrics to avoid losing them to other firms, or pick out underperforming practice areas for your biggest clients and cross sell more effectively. Your own data is your biggest asset.


Budget Monitor
Keep track of your scope and budget and be able to manage it.
Fee Comparison
Compare matters, break them down in activities to find the costs of each building block.
Matter Analysis
Your one page overview of what is going on in a matter.
Custom Reports
Build any report you want without programming or manually copy pasting and combining excel sheets.
Social Graph
Understand who is working with whom within your firm. Find the key lawyers for each client within your firm.
Fee Updates
Be transparent to your clients on the fees of each matter.
UTBMS Codes (US)
We can report and monitor budgets against UTMBS codes, if you use them.
J-Codes (UK)
We can report and monitor budgets against J-Codes, which is legally required for certain matters in the UK.
2-factor Authentication
Use your mobile to boost your access level security.
Multiple Currencies
The use of multiple currencies are supported.
Multiple Languages
Clocktimizer can understand multiple languages.
Multiple Rates
The use of standard rate, contracted rate, billed rate and cost rate are all supported.
Related Matters
If you work with a related matter structure, Clocktimizer supports that.
Related Clients
If you work with a related clients structure, Clocktimizer supports that.
Seniority Levels
Compare seniority levels across matters and between firms to see who is working most efficient.
Transparency Levels
Compare the time recording quality (transparency) of the firm that work for you.
Full Matter Insights
No more fragmented invoice data. One page. One overview of your matter.


The confidentiality and security of your data is most important to us. That is why we support on-premise solutions for big law firms. We support white listed matter access and can link permissions to active directory groups.