This week Clocktimizer is looking at ‘Problems not Solutions’. No, we’re not mad. Odd as the title may seem, we hear many lawyers (rightly) complaining that legal tech often fails to actually solve the problems they purport to.

[It] is necessary is to talk to lawyers and understand how the practice of law actually works today. Not how you hope it works after you bring your “disruptive” product to market, but how it works on the ground today. Better yet, understand the WHY. Jon Tobin

At Clocktimizer we’ve spent a lot of time getting to understand lawyers’ problems. In fact, some of us used to be lawyers! So as part of our campaign we’ll be sharing content based around these challenges. This series of blogs will be looking at the ways lawyers use Clocktimizer to solve common problems. From reducing time spent reading narratives, to identifying efficiencies.

Improving transparency for clients

So what’s the problem? Well, unless you have been living under a rock, we’re sure you’ve read articles demanding greater transparency between lawyers and clients. Until recently, communication between both parties was reasonably limited. However there has been a push towards a deeper collaboration. But it can often be difficult for lawyers to provide the information clients want with speed and ease. It is time consuming pulling together information from multiple departments. More so to create reports from that information which let a client know what progress has been made.

A great budget solution, then, needs to be able to keep senior team members updated in terms of budget progress. But it also needs to be able to produce reports for clients. It’s why we’ve built a number of different tools to help reduce the administration burden on lawyers.

Tools for budget management

There are a number of ways you can create a budget in Clocktimizer. If you have built a fee arrangement in Clocktimizer already, then you can simply copy this over into the budget feature. Clocktimizer will then automatically start tracking activities specified within the scope of the fee arrangement. You can also create budget templates for specific activities. Simply specify the tasks and phases and then assign them a fee schedule. Again, Clocktimizer will then track the timekeepers contributing to these activities automatically. The same goes for new budgets, which you can build from scratch. Your dashboard will then give you a real time view of the proportion of budget used and where you sit in terms of tasks. It can even deliver budget alerts when a pre-determined proportion of the budget is used. So you can avoid write-offs.

The other aspect of our budget features are the reporting. Clocktimizer allows the creation and sharing of reports with team members or clients. These can be set up automatically, or completed manually when requested by the client. It allows our customers to offer transparency with their clients in a way which both increases recovery rates and reduces the administrative burden on lawyers.

“I believe this [Clocktimizer] will allow Jackson Lewis to be better partners with our clients not only because of accurate pricing but also by allowing our attorneys to be able to provide real-time status updates for all of our matters.” Joseph Kelley; Jackson Lewis

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