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Frequently asked questions

Where can I find your plans and pricing?

Once you have started your free trial, you will find a link ‘upgrade’ in the menu. There you can see exactly which features go with which plans. This is because the pricing depends on which integration you use. If you want information on our pricing before starting your free trial, please drop us an email.

Do I have to pay extra for support?

No, all our plans include e-mail support. Depending on your plan you will also have access to our phone support.

Do I have to pay extra for updates?

No, all our plans include updates.

Where is my data stored?

If you are logging in on, your data will be stored in the US. If you log in on or, your data will be stored in the Netherlands.

Didn’t find an answer to your question?

Email our support team. We’re happy to help!

Award-winning software

“Clocktimizer [...] is the first in the legal services industry to use big data in a smart way that is applicable in a lawyer’s daily practice. The product reacts on the increasing demand for support with the development of alternative pricing models.”
Jeroen Zweers, chairman of the Legal Tech Startup Awards