tablet photoThe last blog in this series is about ‘mobile first’. We have worked on the new version of our software to make business intelligence available to every lawyer that needs it. Using budgeting, live reports and the drilldown you can get up-to-date insights about your matters. This blog explains why we designed Clocktimizer with tablets and mobiles in mind.

We have been working very hard to incorporate client feedback into our tool. This has resulted in a new version of our award-winning business intelligence software for lawyers. In this series of five blogs, you will read about how the new functionality will help you make better decisions. This blog is the last part of this series.

We’re always on the road
There is a good chance that you are reading this blog on your tablet or mobile phone. In 2014 for the first time ever, more users were using a mobile device to browser the internet than a desktop computer or laptop. Although the desktop computer probably will not disappear from law offices in the forseeable future, increased usage of tools like Good are a clear sign that the legal world is increasingly moving towards mobile applications.

On the road to the beach
Because of this, we designed Clocktimizer ‘mobile first’. This means that for every view we first make sure that it looks good on a reasonably recent cell phone. If there is more screen space available, you will be presented with a larger version of the web site. This way make make sure that use Clocktimizer to stay up-to-date, whether you are sitting behind your desk or sipping a cocktail at Bondi Beach.

On the road to the client
You should be able to view the latest developments in your client accounts on your mobile while you are on the way to their office for a meeting. You want to be able to share these insights with your clients on your tablet while you are having a coffee with them. And now you can!

On the road to the partner
Walk right into the partner’s office if you need to update him or her on the running budgets. You don’t have to sit together behind the desktop and try to jointly navigate (sounds familiar?). Just pick up your tablet and swipe through Clocktimizer’s analytics!