This year, we were asked to take part in HiiL’s Justice Entrepreneurship School. The school is a week long event, designed to teach entrepreneurs the skills they need to become a success. The school culminates in an awards ceremony for the best idea at the Innovating Justice Forum in the Peace Palace.

The start-ups themselves come from far and wide. From Kenya to the US to the Ukraine. All of the ideas are designed to improve access to justice through technology. We spent a fantastic afternoon teaching the students about sales and marketing techniques. However, many of these start-ups are local initiatives. We wanted to spread the word about some of the brilliant ideas they have come up with. Hopefully they will inspire a new wave of legal tech entrepreneurs!


MSheria is a Kenyan app designed to walk traffic offenders through the legal process. Like many Kenyan legal tech innovations, it is optimised for mobile. So how does it work? MSheria provides access to legal professionals. It offers tailored guidance to each step of the court process. Better still, MSheria has transparent, flat-fee pricing. So no more worrying about costs!


Lexium is the Rocket Lawyer of Lebanon. It is a platform where users can build legal documents, or connect with lawyers to get advice. It has an open forum where users can pose questions to legal advisers. In addition users are not surprised by hidden costs because they work on a fixed fee basis. Finally, users can ask questions in multiple languages, including Arabic.

Patent Bot

Patent law is confusing. For lawyers and for those they help. However, Patent Bot from the Ukraine believes they can help. Their Facebook bot will walk you through a number of questions online. Then they can use this information for your TM application process. Everything takes place online, including legal consultation. So their users don’t have to leave the comfort of their own homes to protect their intellectual property.


To read about more of the incredible legal tech innovations, head here. You can also follow their successes through the HiiL Innovating Justice portal.