Pieter van der Hoeven and Bram Fokke founded Clocktimizer together in 2014. Since then we’ve grown our team to include programmers, designers and a whole host of other important jobs. We have worked hard to create a dynamic, creative group of people. So we want to make sure you know who they are too. This series of blogs will cover the amazing people who work here. We’ll be releasing new blogs as the team grows so keep an eye out and find more about the people behind Clocktimizer.

Pieter van der Hoeven – Founder & CEO

PietervanderhoevenPieter set the groundwork for Clocktimizer at university in Utrecht. Not only did he study law, but he also met his co-founder Bram. Upon completing his Masters in Law Pieter went to work for international law firm DLA Piper.

It was during his time at DLA, and a secondment to KPN, that Pieter thought up the idea for Clocktimizer. Too many evenings spent poring over spreadsheets trying to provide clients with transparency prompted the need for automation. Instead of manually transferring data from timesheets to Excel, Pieter looked to Natural Language Processing. After discussing the idea over 2012’s Christmas Dinner, Bram and Pieter shook hands and agreed to start a business together. They began building the MVP in 2013, while Pieter was doing an MBA in Rotterdam and Madrid.

In his spare time Pieter is a keen hockey player (apart from the inevitable muscle pain the morning after). He also enjoys snowboarding when we allow him enough time to escape the office. He is a father to two adorable daughters and, incredibly, hasn’t fallen asleep at his desk. Yet!

You can contact Pieter here: pieter@clocktimizer.com