Pieter van der Hoeven and Bram Fokke founded Clocktimizer together in 2014. Since then we’ve grown our team to include programmers, designers and a whole host of other important jobs. We have worked hard to create a dynamic, creative group of people. So we want to make sure you know who they are too. This series of blogs will cover the amazing people who work here. We’ll be releasing new blogs as the team grows so keep an eye out and find more about the people behind Clocktimizer.

Michael Stocks – Lead Developer

Michael StocksMichael joined Clocktimizer towards the end of 2017. He got off to a rocky start, managing to break his leg in during his first month in the Netherlands. Clearly, Utrecht’s reputation as a safe cycling city does not apply to expats. However, not one to be deterred, he is now back on his bike and putting up with the endless teasing that comes with suffering such bad luck in your first week.

Michael graduated with a Bachelors degree in computer science from the University of Sussex. He then spent the next three years honing his developer skills for a radio systems company in Fareham. Fortunately for us at Clocktimizer, Michael was bitten by the travel bug and said goodbye to the glittering lights of South East England. Before finally settling down in Utrecht, Michael survived a kidnapping misunderstanding in Mongolia, visited fox, deer and rabbit islands in Japan and settled on a love of diving. As a result, he is currently the reigning champion of travel stories at the office. At Clocktimizer, Michael has been hard at work building new features. From gamification to budgets, he’s responsible for many of the cool new solutions we offer.

You can contact Michael here: michael@clocktimizer.com