Pieter van der Hoeven and Bram Fokke founded Clocktimizer together in 2014. Since then we’ve grown our team to include programmers, designers and a whole host of other important jobs. We have worked hard to create a dynamic, creative group of people. So we want to make sure you know who they are too. This series of blogs will cover the amazing people who work here. We’ll be releasing new blogs as the team grows so keep an eye out and find more about the people behind Clocktimizer.

Bram Fokke – Founder & CTO

Bram FokkeBram is our resident programming king. As the man responsible for building Clocktimizer from scratch, he definitely knows his computers. However, those of you who aren’t using Clocktimizer may know him from his very popular geo-guessing game, 80 clicks. Needless to say, it has caused much inter-office competition.

Bram, unsurprisingly, studied computing and artificial intelligence at university. However, many may not be aware that he eventually graduated with a bachelors in psychology. It was while studying at Utrecht, that he met fellow co-founder Pieter. Bram went on to spend a number of years in the tech industry, developing medical software. Prior to beginning work on Clocktimizer, he also held a place on Utrecht city council for over five years. During that time he specialised in transportation and city planning. Bram was also responsible for the lovely view from our new office since the urban redevelopment for the Utrecht station area was part of one of his subjects.

Aside from building the (award winning) Clocktimizer platform, Bram has won some awards of his own. In 2004 he won the Dutch Programming Championship. Fellow Dutch readers may also be interested to know he won ‘ter land, ter zee, in de lucht’; a competition where you build and race your own boat from paper plates. We consider it his most prestigious award. When he isn’t busy programming he can be found hiking in mountains, building some incredibly impressive Lego structures or spending time with his adorable daughter.

You can contact Bram here: bram@clocktimizer.com