Pieter van der Hoeven and Bram Fokke founded Clocktimizer together in 2014. Since then we’ve grown our team to include programmers, designers and a whole host of other important jobs. We have worked hard to create a dynamic, creative group of people. So we want to make sure you know who they are too. This series of blogs will cover the amazing people who work here. We’ll be releasing new blogs as the team grows so keep an eye out and find more about the people behind Clocktimizer.

Alex Klein – Software Developer

Alex KleinFun fact: Alex is Clocktimizer’s longest serving employee. He’s also one of our most industrious. Alex already has a Bachelors in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence from Utrecht University, with a minor in Computer Science. Not content with this incredibly complex qualification, he has completed a Masters in Game and Media Technology. All this while working for Clocktimizer and completing an internship with Guerrilla Games. At Clocktimizer, Alex is working hard on the neural networks within our application. He’s so good with computers that we’re fairly sure he’s a wizard.

As you may have guessed by his internship, Alex is a big fan of games. Especially the mechanics underneath them. At Guerrilla he is researching ways to use deep learning to record people and let the machine figure out how to mimic this movement to animate characters in the game. In his spare time he also works on his own rendering engine. It was a project he started for a university course and has continued adding too when inspiration strikes. We can’t wait to get a sneak peak of the next game he’s worked on! When he isn’t creating incredibly complex code, Alex manages to play clarinet in an orchestra and guitar in a rock band. Is there anything he can’t turn his hand to?

You can contact Alex here: alex@clocktimizer.com