There is no shortage of articles on the internet advising lawyers to study coding. To learn about what legal tech has to offer. However, we at Clocktimizer see that there is a problem with this. Where exactly can lawyers learn about legal tech? It is not time effective to individually meet with each company to learn about what they offer. Neither, unless you are very keen, does it make sense to start an entire course on IT. (We would say that basic coding is fun and easy to learn however). No, the most sensible way lawyers can learn about tech is to take a course. Herein lies the biggest obstacle for those based outside of the USA.

The USA is clearly leading the field. From Codex to NuLaw, American universities offer numerous lectures on legal tech. Both introductory and more advanced. Scandinavia and the Netherlands are hot on their heels. However, the most notable exception is the UK. In spite of the huge and reputable firms based in London, the UK offers little to no education on legal tech for its lawyers. It is easy to see why legal tech can be met with confusion, if lawyers have no opportunity to study it. For those looking for a more self taught approach, we recommend our blog ‘How to keep up to date with the legal tech revolution‘.

Below, we have compiled as many English language legal tech courses as we could find, by location. We are always looking to update this list, so if you see a missing institution, drop us an email.

post script: Please note that this list is updated regularly. Many thanks to Caroline Hill of the Legal IT Insider for her help on expanding the courses available in England. We would like to additionally note that courses on legal tech by English universities are very difficult to find. We hope that these institutions can remedy the problem and help make legal tech more visible in Europe!