Legal Project Management from start to finish

Say goodbye to out of control matters, negative profit margins and dissatisfied clients. Clocktimizer puts all the information you need to manage your matters in one place.

Make legal project management scalable

The sheer number of moving parts in a modern law firm makes operations and project management difficult to scale. Keeping track of multiple matters, involving several departments, across a host of timekeepers would be a herculean task without Clocktimizer.

The Clocktimizer platform summarizes your matter data into an easy-to-understand dashboard with tailored notifications. So every matter for every partner at your firm can benefit from legal project management.

No manual task coding

Are phase and task codes consistently applied across all practice groups? Inaccurately assigned codes make it hard to effectively manage projects because it is challenging and time-consuming to compare like-for-like work.

Clocktimizer is unique in using natural language processing on narratives instead. Narratives give the most granular and up-to-date picture of what everyone is working on, leading to great insights for your most important matters or clients.

Keep work in check

Do you know which work is stretching your resources? With Clocktimizer you can identify which activities consistently go over budget. Or find out in an early stage that your team is working on out-of-scope activities instead of at billing.
Our customers are able to reduce write-offs and other forms of matter leakage by using Clocktimizer to monitor their matters

Hear what our customers say...

...don't just listen to us

”Previously, the only way to dig into a matter was to read through the timecard narratives to understand who did what work, how long it took, and what was actually done. There were no phase and task codes, so I often had to spend two days coding timecard narratives. I was delighted to discover a platform that could do all of this work for me!”
Eugenia Frenzel Director of Pricing at Perkins Coie
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Create winning budgets

The success of a matter is to a large extent determined by your ability to keep it running on-budget. No one has a crystal ball, and budgets will inevitably evolve as unforeseen developments occur. The level of flexibility your budget solution offers is instrumental in running your matters profitably. Even when things change half-way through a matter.

Be prepared to handle every scenario

Does your client have specific budget requirements? Do you want to avoid certain activities or prevent senior executives from recording too many hours to your matter? Clocktimizer offers a host of notifications, including the ability to identify specific out-of-scope activities or individuals for your matters, helping you prevent having to write-off work later on.

Clocktimizer activities can be rolled up into any category you want, giving you the flexibility to comply with whatever the client requests; UTBMS, Phase codes, task codes, Council Side Guideline, client-specific billing criteria or colour coded. The possibilities are endless.

Make transparency easy

It is equally important for law firms and clients to have detailed budget data, including the proportion of budget used and the activities logged to the matter. Clocktimizer allows you to develop and automatically monitor budgets down to the task level. No more surprises at billing!

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