Innovation in law firms seems to be structured these days through Legal Project Management (LPM). When people hear about innovation they tend to think about the big ideas. They think about innovations like the laser, the internet and penicilin. Inspiring as they may be, most progress is not made by big leaps, but by many small steps. In fact, these big innovations were the result of thousands of small previous improvements.

Einstein was right when he said that genius was ‘1% inspiration, 99% perspiration’.

We’ve been working very hard to incorporate client feedback into our tool. This has resulted in a new version of our award-winning business intelligence software for lawyers. In this series of five blogs, you will read about how the new functionality will help you make better decisions. This blog is the fourth part of this series.

Small steps to big innovation
In the last years, philosophies like SCRUM, LEAN and Six Sigma have been gaining traction in businesses around the world. They are different philosophies with different applications but they have one thing in common: The believe that progress is best achieved by steady continuous improvement. While the task of innovation might seem daunting, especially in a conservative field, continuous improvement is a way to start small and diligently work towards big gains over time.

In the new version of Clocktimizer we offer two tools that will be of tremendous help for each law firm that wants to start improving continuously: The drilldown and the related reporting functionality. Let’s explore both features with a use case:

Use Clocktimizer to start with continuous improvement
drilldownA partner who believes in LEAN has decided to optimize one of his workflows. She uses the Drilldown as an explorative tool. With the Drilldown, she can break down the work of all practice groups by level. She discovers that average partner involvement is 10% of all recorded hours. However, for one practice group, this number is 12%. 2 percentage points might not sound like a lot, but in firms with multi-million dollar turnover, this can amount to cost savings of hundreds of thousands of euros.

Thanks to the drilldown, it is possible to identify potental areas of improvement and establish a baseline metric. But continuous improvement doctrine dictates that once a baseline has been established, you should keep on measuring after a measure has been implemented to ensure that there is actual improvement. This is a hard part of legal project management.

Our reporting tool has been designed to help monitoring continuous improvement. Once you have identified an area of interest using the drilldown, you can save it to call the view later, with live data. The live report can be shared with others to keep everyone up to date. Most firms use matter management systems to centralize all information pertaining to a matter. Clocktimizer live reports can be embedded in these tools..

With our drilldown and live reports features you can start improving based on actual data. Contact us to get a demo. If you do not improve, your competitors will!