Throughout our time at Clocktimizer, we’ve seen the hard work lawyers put into their timesheets. There is no denying that all nighters can and do happen, and that lawyers work incredibly hard for their clients. However, not all time entries are as scrupulous as the ones we see on a daily basis.  Here’s our rundown of the 5 most audacious, outlandish, and sometimes cutest time records in legal history.

  • Watching crime series – No, I am not making this up. According to a case heard in Tennessee a lawyer charged clients for ‘services’ that included 20 hours of watching crime series. Unsurprisingly, the lawyer got suspended. Some would say that watching crime series as a criminal lawyer might be categorised as learning and development. Therefore, I’m off to watch BBC Earth. Why? I work in data software, animals have fur and fur is soft and soft is in software. That means I can bill for this under learning and development, right?
  • HVAC – One client was puzzled to note the rather cryptic description ‘HVAC’ on his lawyer’s bill. As it transpired, the firm wanted to charge him for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Who knew that the everyday running of an office was a billable expense? Perhaps we should start charging for BWWOTC! (Breathing Whilst Working On The Case) (The moral compass of the American Lawyer)
  • Meeting – Writing ‘meeting’ in your timesheets is not in and of itself a cause for concern. However, one clear requirement for a meeting (we even looked it up in Merriam Webster) is that there are multiple people present. In this case, one lawyer begged to differ. In spite of writing ‘meeting’ or ‘internal conference’ in his time entries, it was later discovered that he was in fact sitting on his own. Managing an internal conflict perhaps? (Wall Street Journal)

Not all time entries are misery

  • Tuck-in time – Perhaps the most adorable time entry on this list. According to a lawyer billed $300,- an hour each time the case prevented him from tucking in his children at night. Surprisingly, a district judge upheld this innovative billing practice in court. Parent lawyers around the world will be sad to hear another court overturned this judgement later.
  • Pastry gift – The sweetest time entry on this list. The activity consisted of: a) ordering a cupcake; b) sending the cupcake to a librarian who had done research for the case. Thankfully for the librarian and the lawyers it’s very difficult to get upset over such a sweet gesture (