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Innovation buzzword bingo!

Is your Linkedin an incessant stream of ‘blockchain this’ or ‘AI that’? Are you tired of hearing buzzwords pretending to be the next big thing? Well take our quiz and see if you can separate the truth from the bullshit. We even offer handy tips so you can get sift the solutions from the hot air.

The Clocktimizer implicit bias test

Do you automatically assume a CEO is male? Do you think only women are good at networking? Find out with our implicit bias test!

For a more in depth (and far more scientific look at implicit bias) don’t forget to head to Project Implicit by Harvard. They have a whole range of legitimate quizzes to test every sort of bias. From gender to ethnicity to age.

Are you future proof?

Are you a futureproof boyscout, ready for anything? Or, like the dodo, are you oblivious to the changes the future may hold? Find out with our futureproof quiz!

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