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Clocktimizer: Manage your legal projects better

Managing legal projects can feel like herding cats. We remember how difficult it was to keep track of expenses and hours in real time. Let alone then communicating all of this efficiently with the client. We built Clocktimizer for this very reason. Watch this video to learn how Clocktimizer can help you stay within your budgets.

Clocktimizer: FutureProofYourFirm

The world of legal services is changing and lawyers are working hard to make sure their firms are futureproof. To help, we built Clocktimizer, a business intelligence tool with a mission to provide legal professionals with the information they need at their fingertips. From building a fee quote, to managing a project, to firm wide analytics, our platform understands what lawyers need to know, and delivers it.

The best technology for General Counsel in 2017

As part of our series on how to futureproof your firm, we have been looking at the technology available to General Counsel. You can read our series of blogs with highlights on each of the eleven companies we have have selected as the most important in 2017. Their software looks to help Counsel in everything from contract analysis, compliance, data protection and business intelligence. We have also put all of this information into a handy infographic.

Clocktimizer: Fee quotes for Lawyers

Whether you are General Counsel or a Partner, you need to have granular financial insights before you embark on a project.  Clocktimizer’s unique AI uses natural language processing of your (or your lawyer’s) time tracking narratives to provide insights about profitability, scope and pricing.

What single habit should firms change to meet the challenges of the future?

As many of you may already be aware, we hosted a webinar recently. We assembled a panel of specialists to give lawyers practical tips on meeting the challenges of the future. Namely, what single habit should firms change to meet the challenges of the future?

The answers varied from using data more accurately to building better relationships. We then put them all into a handy infographic. Keep an eye out for our upcoming infographics where we will share the rest of the fantastic advice from our panelists.

Clocktimizer webinar wrap up: Is your firm futureproof?

We recently hosted a webinar titled “Is your firm futureproof?” In it we brought together a panel of specialists to offer lawyers practical tips on meeting changing client demand, improving profitability and working with their data. We have put together a wrap up of the information shared, and are making it available here. The wrap up includes a full transcript of the webinar, the data we compiled from the last ten years of Altman Weil reports and our panelists tips.

Learn more about Clocktimizer

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