Let’s not spend too much time stating the obvious. Clients want to know how their matters are progressing. Regular updates and communication are part and parcel of working life. It’s why when we get someone in to renovate our house, we don’t just go on holiday and keep our fingers crossed. However, not all firms are as good at this as others. Recent research indicates that

Only 38% of law firm clients reported receiving better budgets and work plans [upon request]

Association of legal administrators

This is clearly not ideal. But to place blame at the feet of lawyers, also doesn’t take into account how difficult it can be to keep clients updated. Matters often involve multiple practice groups, in different locations and with different tasks. How can you take a neat snapshot of this each week and send it over at the click of a button?

Well, fear not. Because at Clocktimizer, we’ve made it even easier to keep your clients up to date. Without even having to look at a spreadsheet once. Hurrah!

So how does it work?

Existing Clocktimizer customers will already be familiar with the many reports available in our platform. They allow you to build a bespoke dashboard to stay on top of your matter progress. Because each user can build their own reports, you can ensure that only the most relevant information is saved in them.

We’ve kept this principle for our newest feature, email users. Email users are a new permission level for Clocktimizer which have no access to your platform, but can receive reports. These reports can be tailored and then sent out at automated intervals, which you determine. So say you want to keep a specific client updated on the progress of a matter they currently have running. You can send them a weekly update, in PDF, to their inbox letting them know which practice groups have been completing which activities. Simply create the report you want to send, turn it into a recurring report and enter the email address of the user you want to send it to.

Avoid over-budget surprises

According to the Association of Corporate Counsel’s 2018 survey, 43% of in-house legal teams are considering terminating an external counsel. Many of them went on to bring work in-house, or look for new counsel. Why?

CLO’s are seeking better value and more productive relationships

ACC Europe

Keeping clients informed of budget spend isn’t just good for your business relationship. It could avoid your firm being replaced all together. Our email users are also able to receive budget snapshots on a regular basis. These budget insights will break down which tasks and phases are using the budget. Having a clear picture of budget usage avoid nasty surprises later on for clients. It also promotes discussion about out of scope work before it becomes a problem. After all, if you can’t have a crystal ball, you should at least have a safety net.

We integrate with HighQ and Box too

Sometimes it’s important to keep the team up to date as well as clients. Email user accounts can also integrate with HighQ and box.com. As with the email user, simply enter the HighQ or box.com email address you want to use and share directly to their platforms. It makes collaboration as streamlined as possible.

If you wish to add email users to your account then get in touch or schedule a call with us!