The Red Bull Formula 1 team has seen considerable success. For four consecutive years they have the team championship. In all these years, their driver Sebastian Vettel won the drivers’ championship. Unfortunately, their 2015 season became a disappointment. Red Bull did not manage to defend their championship trophy and ended the season with a disappointing 5th position.

We’ve been working very hard to incorporate client feedback into our tool. This has resulted in a new version of our award-winning business intelligence software for lawyers. In this series of five blogs, you will read about how the new functionality will help you make better decisions. This blog is the second part of this series.

What went wrong? There were problems with the engine. Without the engine, a Formula 1 car is nothing more than a multi-million carbon-hulled pedal skelter. Team Red Bull’s problems continued into the 2015 season. As of now, Red Bull is considering switching engine manufacturers because Renault is providing ‘an inferior product’ – to quote Red Bull engine consultant Helmut Marko.

Hypercube: The heart of our software
You might wonder what Formula 1 racing has to do with legal tech. Well, just like in Formula 1 racing, business intelligence software is just as good as its engine. That’s why for our new release, we gave Clocktimizer a brand new engine: Hypercube. Hypercube is the query engine which allows Clocktimizer to speedily distill all kinds of informationout of the hundreds of millions rows of time records that large firm accumulate over time. Fast response time is crucial from a usablity viewpoint. Web site users expect a website to load within a second or two. After 10 seconds, users tend to lose focus and start doing other things like grabbing a coffee, or moving to facebook. If Clocktimizer takes more than 10 seconds to answer a question, chances are the user is not actually going to see the answer. Our query engine has been optimized to prevent this from happening.

A test run
Whenever we install our software at a firm, we perform some tests to make sure that our data link is set up correctly. One of these tests is by tallying all information in the database. By comparing the total value in the time recording software to the total value in Clocktimizer, we can make sure that all information was imported correctly.

Allow us to illustrate the efficiency of our query engine with an anecdote: Setting up a pilot environment we started by getting the totals from the time recording software. The IT manager typed some SQL (amazingly, this is the only way to get this information out of some of the leading time recording products). The computer started working. According to the IT manager, the query ‘might take while’ so we went out for lunch. After more than an hour, the software was finally done. Next, we opened up the Clocktimizer Drilldown. After three clicks, a number appeared on the screen. We passed the test, it was identical to the answer from the time recording software. And even better, Clocktimizer took less than 2 seconds to give the answer. It was a good thing we already had gotten our lunch.