As many of you know, the legal tech event of the year is currently underway in Las Vegas. The 2017 edition of the annual ILTA conference began on Sunday. Sadly for those of us still in The Netherlands, we have already seen pictures of conference attendees driving green Lamborghinis. Who knew conferences could be so cool?

Well, although Clocktimizer could not personally attend, we were present in other ways. Stephen Allen, Global Head of Legal Service Delivery at Hogan Lovells, featured us in his talk at ILTACON. Stephen was discussing practical AI in law, and the top products available for law firms. Clocktimizer was named as one of the key ways of using natural language processing to understand your law firm’s business.

For those, like us, unable to attend the conference, we have made the slide deck available for download. We have also included some explanatory notes as to the Clocktimizer technology shown in the slides. Simply follow the link below to read about how Clocktimizer can improve your firm’s profitability.

Stephen Allen ILTACON 2017 slide deck

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