At Clocktimizer, we don’t like to guess. Especially when it comes to the value customers get from our platform. As such we do everything to ensure that our (potential) customers see the benefits Clocktimizer is able to bring to their firm from the onset, before they make the investment. That is one of the reasons we recently decided to offer a thorough Return on Investment calculation for each customer before their onboarding process. We want them to know that what they invest in Clocktimizer will be returned exponentially in writeoff reduction, client satisfaction, and winning more pitches. And the value does not end there! We offer a host of additional benefits to our customers, setting them up for success. We invest in our customers because when they succeed we succeed. In this blog post we’d like to toot our proverbial horn and detail the many different ways we help our customers achieve their goals.

From the moment a customer joins Clocktimizer we team them up with their Customer Success Manager (CSM in short). The Clocktimizer CSM will guide them through the onboarding process and provide them with all the tools needed to start getting value from day one. Additionally, as a team grows or changes our Customer Success Managers are always happy to set up additional training sessions to help any new team members get up to speed. This saves a firm time and money by getting expert training right away, lowering the learning curve and allowing new team members to contribute immediately. Finally, our team wants to be part of their strategic long term success. Many of our customers take advantage of bi-weekly or monthly calls to review use cases, feature requests, and product updates. Our team doesn’t just share new platform updates each release, we actively walk our customers through new functionality and feature sets. Helping firms get increasing value as Clocktimizer evolves and matures.

Join the community

Joining Clocktimizer means joining a community of invested team members and customers who understand that the continued evolution of Clocktimizer benefits everyone. To help facilitate this we provide regular webinars in collaboration with our amazing customers where we discuss industry insights. Examples of past webinars can be found on our Vimeo channel.

Once a quarter, we hold a User Group call where Clocktimizer users get to share their tips, tricks, ideas and best practices with each other. Our Customer Success Managers will make sure everyone knows when these calls are coming up. Finally, we are excited to announce our new Masterclass series! These will be small group sessions where users will deep dive into a specific area of Clocktimizer. The Masterclasses are brand new and more information will be available soon.

Happy to help

We want to make sure that all relevant information is always at our customer’s fingertips. When they log into Clocktimizer our User Lanes pop-up (the lovely picture of our Head of Customer Success, Tara).  User Lanes are available at the bottom right of the page and will guide a user through using our main features. Can’t see the User Lanes yet? Reach out to a Customer Success Manager who will help enable them.

Our support page is loaded with ‘how to’ guides, FAQs and resources for Tech and Admin members to make sure the answers to our most common needs are always readily available. Our support page is updated regularly as new features are released.

Scaling Clocktimizer in your firm

When customers are ready to scale their firm’s adoption of Clocktimizer, we are there to help! Our Marketing team Sander, Lana, and Anastasia are always willing to support by providing materials for presentations, pitch decks, or by facilitating internal adoption meetings, so that there is no need to start from scratch. If users would like to expand Clocktimizer to new areas of their firm, our Customer Success Managers are happy to help with updated Return On Investment calculations and presentations to key internal stakeholders.

All of these services are included in the Clocktimizer subscription, we are excited to help law firm’s evolve and play an integral part in their success! We are always happy to hear from current customers, and potential ones, about how we can help them succeed.