On the 17th October Clocktimizer attended our second Legal Geek conference. This year we were excited to offer our first introductory coding class. We also brought along our own photo booth and pitched at the after party. Needless to say it was a busy a day. For those that couldn’t make it over to Legal Geek we wanted to provide a quick round up here of our impressions. We’ll run through our favourite presentations and the speakers to watch out for.

We’re also sharing free copies of our ‘coding recipe book’. If you would like to get stuck into coding then simply head to the bottom of the post and fill in your details. The book covers the coding basics and gives some tips on more complicated Python functions for you to try at home. If you enjoyed it then spread the word. We’d love it to help inspire as many budding coders as possible!

Innovation from all corners

We’re used to hearing stories of innovation from firms and start-ups within the legal sphere. Certainly the announcement of a new incubator happens almost weekly nowadays. It was refreshing to hear stories, then, from some less represented voices at Legal Geek. We heard about the Ministry of Justice’s journey into legal tech. We heard an Editor’s perspective on fixing the basics from Caroline Hill at the Legal IT Insider. It was also refreshing to learn more about how universities are tackling legal tech. The University of Leicester and the University of Law both took to the stage to share their stories.

In addition, the lines between technology and ‘pure’ legal tech were blurred. Often, legal tech stands on a bit of a metaphorical island. Sometimes this is for a good reason. Legal tech can have a very specific use case for legal professionals alone. However, this can lead to an unnecessary divider between legal tech which is embraced, and more general tech which is ignored. Legal Geek was excellent in bringing those two worlds together. We heard from Tim Sadler, the CEO of Tessian, about using technology to reduce human error to improve security. Tessian has seen huge success within the legal market. However, it’s application extends to almost all companies managing sensitive information. CenturyLink also took to the stage to discuss the importance of working in the cloud.

Will there be a big enough venue in London for 2019??

If the Legal Geek event keeps growing at this rate, we’ll be in the O2 arena before long. For this we must all pay a large thanks to Jimmy Vestbirk and his amazing team. In three short years Legal Geek has gone from an event of a few hundred, to over 2,000 attendees. This could have turned into something very corporate and boring. Happily, we can report that the 2018 edition was as much fun as previous years. Aside from excellent food (and coffee!), we met so many people who were genuinely excited about legal tech.

This year saw a bigger start up village and pitching competition. It was great to see so many new faces. The commitment to giving startups a free space to attend and exhibit is one of our favourite features. Large conferences are often too pricey for startups. Legal Geek is great at supporting new initiatives and connecting them with their potential users. We’d also like to offer our hearty congratulations to Orbital Witness. Our CTO, Bram, put in an excellent performance at the pitching competition at the after party. However, the Fresh Prince style rap from Orbital Witness was the rightful winner that evening. Hats off guys.

An introduction to coding from Clocktimizer

In spite of all the enticing food on offer, our lunchtime coding class was packed. Our developer Susan (who has been working hard on our machine learning capabilities) delivered an engaging class to inspire budding coders. Having run through the basics, Susan showed us all how to build our own greeting machine. The ‘Greetinator’ then went on to say hello to everyone at the class. Following on from this everyone who attended got a free copy of our coding recipe book. Clearly, we didn’t manage to make enough. All of our free copies were snapped up straight away. We’re sharing a free download for all those who didn’t get their own copy below. Simple fill out your details and we’ll email you a copy.