As part of our series on how to #futureproof your firm, we will be focusing this week on the technology available to General Counsel. On Friday we will be releasing an infographic showing our pick of the best technology to make a lawyers life easier. In the run up to this we’ll be highlighting the eleven companies we have selected in a series of blogs. Today, we will be looking at TIQ, HotDocs and DocuSign.

TIQ – A better way of keeping time

Writing down hours is not a job many enjoy. Certainly it is one we all try to spend as little time as possible doing. Thankfully, timesheet software has also come a long way in recent years. Programs are taking advantage of integrations, autocomplete options and data breakdowns to get the most out of your records. TIQ, a Dutch company, offer innovative solutions for lawyers looking to streamline their timekeeping.

TIQ helps lawyers produce detailed timesheets, in only a few minutes per day. Better still, their system is designed to be easy to complete on the go, so no hours are forgotten. TIQ is compatible with much of the software lawyers use on a daily basis. As such, TIQ can automatically generate an oversight of time spent of specific documents, emails or meetings.  All of this information can then be assigned to the appropriate case. By using TIQ, lawyers can ensure they have a complete record of the time spent on each project in detail, without write offs for undeclared hours.

HotDocs – Making document assembly streamlined

Document generation can be a monotonous task. Particularly for high volume work. However, fail to check things through thoroughly and it can spell disaster. Thankfully, HotDocs are able to provide a helping hand. HotDocs allows you to transform your frequently used documents and forms into intelligent templates that enable superfast production of custom documentation.

As with the best new technology solutions, HotDocs works for small firms looking to build practice templates. It also works for much larger firms looking to integrate these templates within workflow or case management systems. HotDocs currently holds a 60% market share among law firms that use document generation. Clearly, then, their solution has already proven highly successful.

DocuSign – the eSignature solution

Getting signatures on paper can be frustrating for both lawyers and clients. Clients often don’t want to have to print out, sign, and return copies of contracts. Lawyers also don’t want to spend their own valuable time chasing up these signatures. The solution? Use DocuSign‘s eSignatures. eSignatures allow people from around the world to electronically sign documents, thus saving trees and making the process easier. Better still, you receive a notification that the document has been signed. So no more need to chase up those signatures.

DocuSign helps law firms and legal departments increase document automation, efficiency and compliance. With industry-leading standards of enforceability, including robust authentication, encryption, tamper-seal certificates, chain of custody, and a non-repudiable audit trail, they have become an industry standard.


Stay tuned for tomorrow’s mini blog where we look at solutions for governance and compliance, security and contract management.