Over the course of the next six weeks we will be looking at how lawyers can futureproof their firms. We all know that the legal world is evolving.  Clients have more power than ever before. The era of hourly billing has passed. Technology, from the most advanced AI to the next generation of BlackBerrys (who saw that coming?) is changing the way lawyers do business. Through it all, the fundamental question we hear at Clocktimizer is, how firms can make sure they are ready for the future?  In short, how can they be #futureproof?

Introducing Lawsome-O

There’s no shortage of alarmist articles citing the end of the legal profession as we know it. Or that lawyers may soon be replaced by robots. We at Clocktimizer think that’s taking a pretty dim view of the work lawyers do. So, we would like to introduce Lawsome-O, our new mascot. Designed to be the sort of robot that will help and support lawyers, rather than terrorise them. We hope he will be an ambassador for Clocktimizer and the legal tech world.

Throughout the week Lawsome-O will be featuring in videos, blogs and quizzes all aiming to help lawyers futureproof their firm. We will also be featuring interviews with law firms and counsel about how to meet the next wave of client demand. We will be hosting an exciting webinar with panelists from Perkins Coie, Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper and CMS Hasche Sigle. Finally, we give you the chance to test how prepared you are for the future with our #futureproof quiz.

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