The festive season is upon us. Which means it’s time to eat too much good food, drink too much good wine and generally remark upon what a year this has been for all of us. From presidential impeachments, to Brexits, to global heatwaves. And to think, we believed 2018 was as tough as it could get…! Thankfully, it’s not all been bad. At Clocktimizer, we’ve been rushed off our feet. From welcoming new clients on board to almost doubling the size of our team. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who was a part of our year, and for helping to make it such a success for us.

In light of this (hopefully) less serious bit of the year, our blog is also going to be looking to put a smile on your face. So sit back, and get a cup of tea to enjoy this post with. We’re checking out the four most ridiculous Christmas lawsuits. 

A plum a day….

Those friends of ours in London beware! The traditional plum pudding (including silver coin for luck) now comes with a disclaimer. It seems that in order to enjoy this festive treat you may now need to sign a waiver. So if you accidentally chip a tooth or cut yourself (!) finding the lucky silver coin in the pudding, you can’t sue the restaurant. Apparently the coin itself should be compensation enough… 

The gift that taketh away

Some gifts create happy memories. Some put a smile on your face. One managed to burn down a family’s 1 million dollar home. Brian and Megan fox of Nashville, Tennessee, had no choice but to bring a lawsuit against Amazon when a faulty hoverboard caught fire overnight, burning their home to the ground. The suit still has yet to settle, but clearly the answer is to never buy your children a hoverboard. After all, even if your house doesn’t burn to the ground, you’re still likely to get hit in the ankles while your child learns to use it…

Don’t bet on it

Clearly, the weather is designed to spite us. If we don’t have an umbrella, you can guarantee it will rain. Wearing a big fluffy jumper? Prepare for a heat wave. With this in mind, a jeweller in North Carolina, Perry’s Emporium, probably shouldn’t have bet against the weather. They promised that all purchases would be free if more than three inches of snow fell on Christmas day in Asheville in 2010. Unluckily for them, six inches fell. And so did the refunds…

Bad gifting

The art of buying presents is truly that.  An art. As such, it is wise to put in a little thought an effort if you are buying gifts for someone important. Someone like your boss. Unfortunately, an employee at Trader Joe’s failed to heed this excellent advice and purchased a comedy gift for her boss that went down like a lead balloon. Namely, a gift resembling small male genitalia. Which grew when left in water. The ensuing lawsuit tells you all you need to know about how well this gift was received.