The Clocktimizer P3 session will be held between 1.15pm & 1.40pm on Tuesday 15th May 

As eagle eyed followers may have noticed, we’re sponsoring P3. Now, while there’s no shortage of legal conferences, we do believe P3 is special. The focus of the conference is pricing, project management and process improvement. We’ll be sharing a demo on Tuesday with this focus. We’ll also be sharing an exclusive look at our new budget features. More details about our session can be found below. Make sure you stop by!

So what will I learn in the Clocktimizer demo session?

First and foremost, we want to mention that we will be bringing stroopwafels. So you can learn about Clocktimizer while indulging a sweet tooth. But what will be in the demo itself? Well, we’re going to divide it up into a couple of sections. The first half will look at how Clocktimizer completely supports the matter management lifecycle. The second half will look at the business intelligence features Clocktimizer provides.

First we will be breaking down a matter. We will show the granular data Clocktimizer collects. From the different seniority levels working on an activity, to the collective time spent over all practice groups. Next we will look at our fee comparison module. We will show attendees how to use historical matters to build a data driven fee quote. Better still, Clocktimizer does the comparison work for you, so you can tailor the fee arrangement to your client at the click of a button.

Having built a fee quote, we will move on to an exclusive new feature. Our development team has been working hard to integrate fee arrangements into our budget tracking functionality. We will show how you transfer your fee arrangement into the budget tracker with a few clicks. This will then automatically monitor budget usage, and can provide alerts when a certain proportion of the budget is left. This allows firms to avoid write offs and manage their entire matter lifecycle in one platform.

The second half of the demo will focus on our business intelligence features. We will show how our social graphs can support succession planning. We will also look at our automation of activity grouping can save LPMs from manually assigning codes.

Don’t forget to stop by at our stand

For those unable to make it to our session, we will also be available to talk to at our stand throughout the conference. Stop by and ask us questions about Clocktimizer in person!