Described as “the Woodstock of legal tech”, Legal Geek’s annual conference starts in three weeks. Last year’s edition was hugely fun. We met lots of amazing new people, ate far too much lovely food and cheered on our favourite bands after. As a result, we’re very excited that the whole Clocktimizer team will be in London on the 17th October to attend the 2018 edition. Better yet, we’ll be sharing some exciting announcements from our development team. So, in advance of the conference, here’s a guide to what we’ll be up to during Legal Geek. Don’t forget to buy your tickets to attend and drop by our stand.

We’re hosting an introductory coding session

This year at Legal Geek, Clocktimizer is channeling our inner Ainsley Harriott. Were you a fan of the 90s classic ‘Can’t cook, won’t cook’? Well you can (sort of) relive those heady days by joining our introductory coding session. Can’t code? Won’t code? It’s never too late to start! After all, why should millennials have all the fun?

In light of the increasing prevalence of technology in firms, we think it’s important that everyone has a chance to get to grips with the building blocks of that technology. After all, a better understanding of programming can lead to more informed choices about which technology would best suit your firm. We like to think of it this way: you wouldn’t go to a car dealership without having a basic understanding of how a car works. So, come and join our coding class at 12.30 and channel your inner geek.

Take our categorisation challenge and win eternal glory

Pit yourself against your fellow Legal Geekers. We will be hosting a mini challenge at our stand this year. See how long it takes you to attach codes to one page of narratives for a space on our Top Gear leaderboard. We will be awarding marks for both speed and accuracy. At the end of the day we will announce the winner who may then bathe in all of the glory that this bestows. Obviously we will also have to allow The Stig to have a go on our ‘track’ to set the time to beat. Inevitably this job will be performed by our amazing AI. May the odds be ever in your favour…

Big news from our developers

In the spirit of Legal Geek we will also be sharing an exciting new tool we have been working on for the past year. We won’t be giving away much until the day but we can announce that it will be making the most of machine learning. If you want to know more about this new feature (and what it can do for your firm) don’t forget to stop by our stand in the Startup Alley.

Meet the whole team (and get a photo too!)

Legal Geek is also an opportunity to meet the whole Clocktimizer team. Yes, we’ve managed to drag our developers out into the sunshine and away from their computers. We’re also joined by some new team members who we’re looking forwards to introducing to the legal tech community. We’ll be sending them about with our polaroid camera. So if you’d like a memento, or you just want to pull a silly face, make sure you keep an eye out for us.