Data collection throughout your firm

At Clocktimizer, we’re in the business of data. We believe that
the right data, and the right analysis of that data, can guide firms
towards making better decisions. However, data collection and
analysis is no simple task. Most firms do not have access to a data
scientist or analyst.

So how to know what data to collect? How can a
firm create a data strategy across all of the different moving parts that
make up the modern law firm? Throughout this eBook, we will be looking to provide some answers to these complex questions.

After reading this eBook you will know:

  • How to collect data streams that will be valuable for your firm’s operations and practice management teams.
  • The many new insights firms can hope to gain from their data collection.
  • The tools which can help you in the collection and analysis of that data.

eBook: A complete guide to firmwide analytics

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