Its only a few more days until we all get to stuff ourselves with an ill advised amount of food and open a small mountain of presents. However, many of you are likely to stay working over the Christmas break. As such, we feel it is our duty at Clocktimizer, to provide you with a welcome distraction. After all, if you have to be in the office during the festive season, you should at least get to giggle a bit. So, to share the Christmas cheer we have put together our own list of the best stories from Roll on Friday this year. From bonkers office dogs, to bizarre gift shops, these stories all had us smiling. Those of you who wish to delve even further, can check out Roll on Friday’s Year in Review. Oh, and go vote for the final of the Glamorous Solicitor of the Year.

Yes. This is dog.

Coming in at the top spot is a law firm website that left us speechless. German firm Brandstadter & Schmittgen created a masterpiece of marketing genius by allowing their office pooch, Baja, to introduce the team. Baja, presumably, was also in charge of photo-shopping herself into every picture. Sadly, just when you become attached to the chief ‘sausage distributor’ it turns out Baja died in 2013. The spot for ‘top dog’ has been filled in by her successor, Fritz. Who seems to have a penchant for dressing up (much to our delight). If this tickled your fancy, then check out RoF’s best bonkers websites of 2018.

All I want for Christmas is you to stop singing

Veteran RoF readers will be familiar with Blackadders solicitors. Having forayed into the world of film, they cut their teeth shooting an homage to Reservoir Dogs and Friends. However, it is their Christmas special that truly dazzles. Tackling the classic Mariah Carey song was always going to be risque. But combining that with a tongue in cheek gift swap scene really shows Blackadders to be cinematographic masters. I can almost hear Cannes calling for 2019.

Gift shop Wombles

The Wimbledon Common has a new set of Wombles in town. And these ones have a gift shop. Obviously these are Womble Bond Dickinson, but we assume they’re working together judging by what is being sold in WBD’s shop. We had no idea the rubbish on Wimbledon Common was worth so much cash if you put a logo on it…

Strange bedfellows: Slater & Gordon and the fitness guru

Clearly Slater and Gordon have realised that social media influencers are an important part of a marketing strategy. Sadly, they haven’t quite worked out how or why. In a bizarre attempt to spread their brand, an agency working on behalf of Slaters invited a fitness guru to recommend Slater’s services online for the princely sum of 50 pounds. While they admitted that there wasn’t much overlap with the guru’s traditional posts, they thought that they would be the perfect fit for their latest campaign. Having been notified of this, Slaters went on to report the agency’s behavior to Google. It hurt itself in its confusion!

Follow your dreams

Finally, it seems that one solicitor has had enough of the clowning around the office. So has decided to get paid to do it by becoming a clown. Hats off to Phoebe Mason for following through on what we all threaten to do when we’re having a bad day. Running off and joining the circus.