By now, most people reading this will have already been working from home for some time. We thought it would be a good idea to provide a distraction (or at least talk about something less serious). So we’ve asked members of our team to share how they have been working from home. Each has pulled together a picture of their work-space and a chat about where they are and how they are managing this crisis. Some have even shared some cool tips, like making lots of different playlists for motivation or simply to provide a dancing soundtrack. Either way, we’d love to hear from anyone reading this about how they have set up their working from home space. Especially if you have fun tips or ideas to share!

Home office 1 – Pieter van der Hoeven, CEO and Co-founder

It can be challenging to keep focused while working from home. I am using this time to try and get things done that require some quiet time (which I do not usually have very much of while being at the office). To visualise the daily progress I (and the team) make, I use our Kanban board (we use Azure DevOps) to make tasks and then drag them to resolved and / or closed. This makes me feel good and allows me to keep track of the things I do in a day and a week.

Since daycare has closed due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have made arrangements at home to equally divide caring for our two-year-old girl. That gives me a nice break from work every now and then. I am also very proud of how quickly everyone in the Clocktimizer team has been adapting to the new situation!

From our attic, where my home-office is, I look at the gardens in our block. I can see the trees budding in the spring. It’s weird to have to be inside, while the weather is nice, so I’m considering moving my office outside 😊

Pieter van der Hoeven

Home office 2 – Ewelina Tatar – Customer success manager

Being around people is what maintains my high level of energy and daily productivity both at home and at work. It’s been two weeks since working from home became the best and safest thing to do. At first I felt like Kevin McCallister in Home Alone, but luckily I work with the most creative people on Earth who take every challenge as a learning curve. Our team quickly figured out that we can have regular video calls via Slack to continue working closely and of course sharing our usual cup of coffee together.

Most mornings I jump on a video call with one of my friends who’s also working from home. Although we work in totally different industries, we both need to reply to emails coming from our customers, so why not do it together?   I’m saving about 3 hours by not commuting to work every day. Since my customers are on 4 different continents, I can use the time saved to stagger my working hours and be more flexible when setting up online meetings in different time zones. Working in legal tech taught me that a necessary change is often what drives innovation. So if working from home is the way to change the current situation, I’m glad I can help to fight the pandemic this way. At the end of the day the sun is still shining, I just see it from my home office now!

Home office 3 – Alexander Niers – Marketing Manager

Working from home brings a whole new set of challenges, particularly when it comes to avoiding distraction. There are a few things I do to stay focused on the tasks at hand. Taking a little break every two hours really helps me stay focused, and allows me to reflect on how things are progressing. I make sure I stay moving throughout the day, and can highly recommend the 7 minute workout app for your daily dose of fitness.

Maintaining the human element of work is also important to me. Clocktimizer uses Slack to stay in touch, and we use it twice a day to video call with the entire team. We call these the coffee connects and they definitely make me feel less isolated.

I’m located in Deventer, which is about an hour away from our Utrecht office. Deventer was founded in 768 AD and has some real medieval characteristics. I can even see the Bergkerk (A Church), built in 1209, from my office which is a pretty inspiring view!

As marketing manager, I spent a large part of my day making sure our campaigns and content are relevant, useful and regularly updated. The recent developments have (unsurprisingly) impacted our campaigns. As such, I’m looking for alternative ways to market and connect with prospects. This very neatly leads me to my next request…  I’d like to take the opportunity to ask all of you if you’d be interested in doing a customer success piece with us😊! If so feel free to reach out to me at

Home office 4 – Tara Lingard – Head of customer success

I feel quite thankful to have a whole room in my house dedicated to working from home. Although I normally use this as my art studio, lately it’s been getting a lot of use as my home office. I’ve filled it with plants, art and everything I need to stay positive, creative and productive.

My biggest tip for working remotely is to have set up a variety of playlists for different moods and times during the day. Some of my favourites that I’ve created are (the appropriately named) “home office songs to dance to” and “home office music to get into the zone”.  
Working remotely has definitely confirmed one thing: I am a morning person. Now that I don’t rely on the trains to take me to the office, I find myself starting much earlier. So don’t be surprised if you get an email from me at 7:30am.

Home office 5 – Susan Brommer – Developer

I am actually starting to enjoy working from home. Me and my SO have gotten in a routine together where after breakfast we transform the table into a shared office desk. We then sit opposite each other, and start working. We make coffee for each other throughout the day, and go for a walk once in a while. I can stay motivated and productive if I am not the only one working, so this really helps.

As a developer I can work from practically anywhere, as long as I have my computer. I do need a little break every now and then to clear my mind. Usually, I make coffee or tea for my colleagues, and have a little chat. That is not so easily done now, so I have replaced that with playing the piano. It’s the next best thing!