Legal education is currently experiencing a shift. Slowly but surely, institutions around the world are including practical education as part of their law courses. This means students are learning about due diligence software. Students are learning about how to manage a legal budget. Students are learning the skills they need to be able to manage the practical aspects of law. We think all this is great news. Indeed, we even run a list detailing all of the institutions offering these sorts of courses.

At Clocktimizer, we also think it’s important that we help out with legal education wherever possible. We currently work with a number of universities to offer free access to Clocktimizer tools to students. Our software is used by many different law firms, from Hogan Lovells to CMS. By giving students access to our tools through education, they can be better prepared for life in a firm.

What can students learn?

The core principle of Clocktimizer, is to provide insights which allow lawyers to make data driven decisions. This means we use Natural Language Processing to read time cards, and make that data sortable. This information can then go on to inform legal professionals about everything from the profitability of a client, to the amount of budget still available on a given matter.

But why is that so important for young lawyers? Well, the migration away from the billable hour, and a move towards transparency, mean the next generation of lawyers need to understand the business of law better than ever before. By working with our tool, students can learn a number of different essential skills. These include making and managing a budget or building a fee quote. These are essential skills, not least because they are designed to improve transparency for clients. However, these skills are often not taught because to practice them requires access to software like ours.

Teaching with Clocktimizer

We realise that it can be difficult for universities to get access to legal technology in order to teach students about how it works. As such, we offer universities access to a free sandbox for their students. We populate the environment with demo data from fictitious companies. This means students can play around with the different features in the same manner they would do at a firm.

We know many universities are currently overhauling their current legal curriculum. There has been a big uptake in LPM or legal innovation courses across the globe. We currently work with six institutions on two continents, but we would love to increase this number. If you are a member of an institution that would like access to Clocktimizer, then we invite you to get in touch. Follow this link to set up a demo with Clocktimizer.