At Clocktimizer we regularly post ‘features blogs’ to help clients get the most out of our platform. This week, we’re looking at the ways Clocktimizer can group different timekeepers. Why is this important? Well, most firms have a lot of different job titles. Forget being a plain old associate. Are you a first year, second or third year associate?

While this is an important distinction to make in the office, it can make reporting for clients unmanageable. Lets face it, no client is going to be happy looking through a document detailing what thirty different job titles have been doing for them. Clients want to see a simple breakdown of work by seniority level. How much work did partners do, compared to associates? Is the division of work between seniority levels what was expected?

Granular or not – it’s your choice

Obviously, there are many reasons why you may want to use both detailed job titles, or a more high level overview. So we allow you to do both in Clocktimizer. All of your firm’s existing titles will be recognised and tagged in Clocktimizer. So if you want to test the success of a new piece of technology on only second year associates, you can get that level of insight. However, you can also use our simple drag-and-drop functionality to make levels. You can give the levels any name you want (though try to keep it professional!) You can also make the levels personal to your firm.

So how does it work?

As we mentioned, creating levels is very simple. First, head to the ‘Admin’ panel on the left hand side of the screen. Under the ‘Install’ section, you will see the option ‘Title to level grouping’. Then simply name your levels, and drag and drop the appropriate titles into the box.

As you can see, we have provided some inspiring names for our different levels. As a result of our office’s love of diving we went with an underwater theme. Legal engineers and paralegals are grouped under Octopus (bcause lets face it: they are! They can do so many things at the same time!)¬†Partners are mantis shrimp because they pack a mean punch (haiya!) Seniors and Senior associates are moray eels: you see them once in a while and they can attack without warning!

Visualise it

Once you have grouped your levels to your liking, you can start visualising your data. Clocktimizer offers a number of different types of charts. These can be emailed to team members as reports or can be downloaded in a PDF to share with clients.

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