Diversity is important. There is no shortage of research examining the correlation between diverse boards, and increased profitability. Recent research by McKinsey even indicates that “a 10% improvement in gender diversity, equates to between 2-4% increase in profits”. Still, the fields of law and technology are lagging behind. Both fields have shown improvement in recent years. However, the share of equity partnerships for women remains stubbornly at 20%. This is in spite of an increasing representation of women throughout the lower ranks. Clearly we all have work to do.

At Clocktimizer, we see a huge number of influential women in the legal tech sector. Indeed, we even wrote about the women to watch in legal tech. It was, in fact, the hugely positive reception to this piece that inspired us to do more, and organise an event. So, on the 2nd & 3rd of November 2017, Clocktimizer and DLA Piper will be hosting our first Women in Legal Tech event.

Women in Legal Tech – The event

Full details for the event itself can be found here. Having sat through a lot of long conferences, we wanted to keep ours short, sharp and interactive. Day 1 will be all about practical skills and advice. We’ll be debating the best way to fund your startup. We’ll also offer introductory coding lessons. Day 2 will be looking at diversity itself. We’ll be testing everyone’s implicit bias. We’ll also be interviewing HR Directors for tips and advice on improving diversity. Tickets are limited, and head here to apply for them. However, we will also be live-streaming the event. So everyone can attend, whether you’re in Canada or Australia. You can also request a copy of the event wrap up here.

Interviews with inspiring women

In the run up to the event, we’ll be releasing a number of interviews with inspiring women. Some have built their own legal tech companies. Others are senior executives at firms. A few work within the public legal tech sector. All of them are offering advice and guidance for those looking to follow in their footsteps. Keep an eye on our blog and twitter for the interviews in the coming weeks. We will be turning all of the interviews into a free e-book. If you wish to receive a copy then tweet at us, or drop us an email.