We realise that every firm is different. More so, different people value different data. Overall profitability metrics are important for CEOs. Recovery rates appeal to Financial Directors. Budget oversight keeps Legal Project Managers awake at night. It’s why we use Natural Language Processing to mine narratives and make data malleable.

However, because everyone is different, it can be tough to find the most important metrics quickly. It is why we have built the dashboard functionality. Users can set up reports containing the information most important to them. They can then build these into their dashboard. Voila! All of your favourite data in one place.

A quick guide to building your dashboard

We know that data shouldn’t be complicated. As such, we’ve made the process of building a dashboard pretty simple. First, make sure you have set up the reports you find the most interesting in your Clocktimizer account. Some of our favourite examples include: Matter Overviews by year; Narrative Quality by practice group; or Recovery rate by practice group. Don’t forget to include a description of each report which will be displayed on your dashboard.

Next step, head to admin in the left hand tool bar. Then, select Edit Install Dashboard. This will lead you to your dashboard setup page. Now you can start building!

Building your dashboard has two stages. First, you must select the layout you want. To do this, drag and drop your preferred column numbers from the box on the right. Once you have the page divided how you like it, click on the Widgets tab. Then simply drag and drop your reports where you want them. These will be updated in real time on your dashboard. Finally, click save. The Home tab on the left hand side will now display your dashboard.

The benefits of having a dashboard

It can be tough keeping on top of too much information. We at Clocktimizer have lost many hours deep diving into Google Analytics. A dashboard allows you to keep your most useful information in one spot. This means that projects won’t run over budget without you realising. It means you can keep track of the success of an innovation in real time. You can even use our social graphs to avoid succession planning nightmares later on.

The second benefit of our dashboard is that you can also turn that into a recurring report. Either download it in PDF format, or have it delivered to your inbox. Better still, you can have it emailed to others. So you can be prepared for the next board meeting. So whatever the data you need, use the Clocktimizer dashboard and have it at your fingertips.


If you are unable to set up your dashboard, or need to update your permissions setting to allow this please contact Dorien directly via email – dorien@clocktimizer.com