Clocktimizer + Clio


    Free Trial for Clio Users

    Clocktimizer provides business intelligence and project management software for law firms. Clocktimizer’s analysis generates information and insights on the basis of your time tracking data in Clio. Clocktimizer seamlessly integrates with your Clio practice management software.

    The integration makes it easy for law firms to:

    • share one-page overviews with clients on the activities that took place in a project
    • compare projects to have data driven input for alternative fee arrangements
    • monitor and timely manage budgets to avoid budget overruns
    • perform an in-depth profitability analysis on the firm’s time tracking data to identify opportunities and areas that require attention.

    We would like to offer you a 30-day free trial, to help you turn your firm into a data-driven organisation.

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