Test yourself against the Clocktimizer Classification Challenge!

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How accurately can you assign codes to narratives? Test yourself against our Classification Challenge! Better yet, if you find your skills lacking, learn more about how Clocktimizer can automatically assign codes for you!

Gone phishing – The Clocktimizer security quiz!

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Can you spot a hacker from a mile off? Do you know the difference between spam and a scam? Take the Clocktimizer security quiz and find out!

Quiz – Can we help you decide what legal tech to buy?

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As part of our ‘Problems not Solutions’ campaign we’re looking at the problems lawyers face. Take the quiz to see if we can work out what your biggest headache is!

Quiz: The Clocktimizer implicit bias test

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Do you automatically assume a CEO is male? Do you think only women are good at networking? Find out with our implicit bias test! For a more in depth (and far more scientific look at implicit bias) don’t forget to head to Project Implicit by Harvard. They have a whole range of legitimate quizzes to… Read More

Clocktimizer’s innovation buzzword bingo

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Buzzwords. They’re very annoying. Mostly because they are used instead of actually explaining a product. Anyone who has been on Twitter in the last six months has already been drowned in talk of blockchain. Before that AI and robots were all going to take our jobs. The problem is that using these buzzwords is actually… Read More

Have you tested your own implicit bias?

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On the 2nd & 3rd November Clocktimizer hosted their first Women in Legal Tech event. It was sponsored by DLA Piper, and held at their offices in Amsterdam. The event itself was designed to offer practical advice for those looking to get into the world of legal tech, or to increase diversity in the workplace…. Read More

Quiz: Are you futureproof?

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Are you ahead of the curve when it comes to law firm innovations? There’s only one way to find out… Take our quiz and show your peers who is ready to take on the future… #futureproofyourfirm Are you #futureproof? You should take this quiz to find out!Share via your Blackberry