Scaling up LPM 2: Avoiding common LPM myths

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Legal Project Management (or LPM) is becoming essential for law firms. For good reason. Firms often run countless numbers of complex matters at once. Keeping track of all this; the wins, the losses, whether something is over or under budget; is impossible without good project management. However, LPM’s are often held back by an inability… Read More

Five of the funniest court judgments

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Every now and again we like to write something to put a smile on your face. That’s why this week, we’re giving pricing and legal project management a break. Instead. we’ll be running through five of our favourite court judgements of all time. So grab a biscuit and a nice cup of tea and avoid… Read More

Distract yourself this Christmas – The best Roll on Friday blogs of 2018

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Its only a few more days until we all get to stuff ourselves with an ill advised amount of food and open a small mountain of presents. However, many of you are likely to stay working over the Christmas break. As such, we feel it is our duty at Clocktimizer, to provide you with a… Read More